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Guidelines for the preparation of a research project

The research project is the most important part of the application for admission to graduate school, and its creation must be treated carefully. Lead work consistently according to guidelines recommendations:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the requirements for the preparation of a research project put forward by Your chosen University /faculty/ program.
  2. Make sure that the idea and the research problem and research questions set out as clearly and distinctly, and have a substantial academic basis.
  3. Make sure Your research project is focused around the core idea, is not vague, and corresponds exactly to the requirements of the project preparation for Your chosen program. Poorly defined research projects will force the admissions Committee to doubt that the candidate has a clear idea of what and how he wants to implement.
  4. You have created a document should be the basis of the original research of high academic level. You can select the following types of doctoral dissertation:
    - Analysis of new or emerging areas of science.
    - Empirical research.
    - Analysis of existing science with new and original point of view.
    - A comparative study.
  5. Your future research supervisor, Academic supervisor, also plays an important role in the admissions process. As a rule, You will be in the University only in case, if someone from members of the faculty will be ready to provide You with high-quality scientific management. It therefore makes sense to learn about faculty members and their research interests and to contact them before arrival and agree on Your future subject and text of the research project. In some universities, e.g. Oxford, in the application for admission please indicate the name of the alleged supervisor, and University College London are required to send a brief project volume 300-5500 words, and after the approval of the supervisor along with a request to prepare a full project. We advise You also to read the relevant works by Your prospective supervisor and rely on them when preparing a research project.
  6. Please check the academic resources of the University (library and electronic) and verify that these resources will be the main base of sources for Your research.

Preparing a research project

The application process

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