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How to calculate the average score of the diploma GPA for universities in Germany
How to calculate the average score of the diploma GPA for universities in Germany
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How to calculate the average score of the diploma GPA for universities in Germany

The German grading system is different from Russian, American and others. For admission to training programs in Germany, universities often ask students to calculate the average score of their diplomas and certificates — GPA. Also your average grade in the German system it is important to know to see whether you qualify under the minimum requirements of the selected program, and also to compare your score with passing grade the previous year.

The grading system used by universities in Germany, similar to the "inverted" system of assessments, only "5" in Germany is equivalent to a rating of "2" ("satisfactory") in Russia, but "1" is "excellent" rating. Some universities can even put a 0.7, but this is generally uncommon.

The calculation of average score

The most common of the so-called Bavarian system of recalculation of points, although some universities can use their criteria. To calculate estimates for the Bavarian system in the following way:

Bavarian formula GPA:



x – the desired GPA in the German system.

Nmax - the highest possible rating that can be obtained in your high school;

Nmin - the minimum positive assessment;

Nd - your GPA.

Examples of calculation of average score:

The evaluation system from 5 ("excellent") to 2 ("unsatisfactory"), the average score of 4 ("good"):


X=2,5 is the average grade in the German system

Grading system 10 ("excellent") to 5 ("satisfactory") and 4 and below ("poor"), average score 7:


X=2,8 – your GPA into the German system

Requirements average score

The average score is a very important indicator for student and entrant in Germany. After your admission from 50% to 100% depending on the average score. When applying for undergraduate this figure reaches 100%, when applying for graduate school – an average of 80%.

Moreover, since education in Germany is free, then the most prestigious faculties and universities get so many requests that they can choose students with the highest grades. So, for example, the passing score in medical universities often is 1.3 to 1.0, on some popular Economics – for 1.7.

For admission to the master's degree, some universities set the minimum average score. If your GPA is lower, then your documents are in competition for training places will not be considered. Typically this cut score is 2.5.

The improvement in the average score

Some universities give the opportunity to improve the GPA. For example, relevant experience can raise your GPA by 0.3-0.7 points. While for medical specializations it is possible to pass a special test, the results of which will replace your GPA.

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