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  • 1956

The advantages of the British master's programs

The main advantage of the master's programs in the UK include:

  • Many programs last only 1 year, making the master's degree more affordable.
  • The choice of the most suitable program out of more than 17,000 different master's programs, different type of preparation and method of study (full-time, part-time or remote).
  • Many faculties have close links with employers, allowing students to more professionally-oriented education.
  • Degree awarded by British universities are recognised worldwide and, on average, 25% of graduate programs are international students, which indicates a high level of internationalization of British universities and the high demand for their programs.
  • British programmes have a high quality of education and high academic level of the degree.
  • Successful completion of the master's program provides a great chance for the continuation of the PhD program.

Admission requirements for the program of the British judiciary

List of documents for admission to the master of the UK

All programs of the British judiciary

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