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Preparing a research project

Preparing a research project (Research Proposal) is a key step in applying for research doctoral programs. Make sure that You have enough time to choose the theme and the alleged supervisor, and preparation of the draft text.

The scope of the research project, usually 1000 – 1500 words, in some universities 1500 – 2000 words (excluding summary and references, the number of which must be in the limit of 10-20).

Sample structure of the research project:

1. Name of the project;

2. Project summary (maximum 300 words) – description of research problem, its context and significance;

3. A General description of the study:

  • The relevance of the study
  • Purpose, objectives and expected results should be SMART – clear (Specific), measurable (Measurable), attainable (Achievable), realistic (Realistic) and time-bound (Time-bound),
  • The main idea of the study and how You study
  • The rationale for the selection of the program from the point of view of the ability of the proposed research project;

4. Positioning research – a literature review:

  • Review of existing the most important studies in this field
  • Description of the existing theoretical and practical gaps that the project intends to close;

5. Design and methodology of the study:

  • The main research questions and the rationale for their importance,
  • Description of information required to conduct the study,
  • Research methods;

6. Implementation plan research project description specific objectives by year;

7. The list of references.


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