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Student feedback on their first impressions of student life and adaptation period at the University of York

What to expect from the start of training?

  • All at once! First are two "Freshman Week", one at your College, the second University. All events are to take part, but don't worry if one night you just wouldn't be strong — the number of events is sometimes just rolls over.

  • At the Fair, Freshmen are advised to come to the stand each community. Student life at the University is very rich, everyone can find something to your taste. Thanks communities students get acquainted with students from other colleges and programs, will learn a lot and learn to get out of the comfort zone.

How to prepare for the beginning of training?

  • Suggest to buy more of your favorite food that is easy to cook. This is especially true for freshmen. Try to eat more vegetables to maintain a stress weakened immunity.

  • But do not lie to yourself and score a refrigerator only "healthy food" — she has time to deteriorate while every day you will be wasting money on takeout pizza. My mother had prepared for me a stock of soup and my favorite sauce for pasta. They literally saved me during those days, when I already had little hope that my runny nose ever completely pass.

How to get used to living away from home/parents/friends?

  • I'm not too homesick and friends. Despite this, I can give some good advice: agree in advance when and what time the next time you speak with your family, not to forget.

  • In the first couple of weeks it is especially important to go out and meet new people. Do not sit the entire "Freshman Week" in the room, talking with mom or chatting with old friends. Most likely, they also want to know what's going on at your University.

Without which you would not be able to survive at University?

  • My Terry cloth robe. Cold? A Terry cloth robe. Sad? A Terry cloth robe. Have a cold at the beginning of the school year? A Terry cloth robe. He helped me through the first course and not give up, so don't underestimate him.

  • In the same theme — pajama or household things that can pass for "normal clothes". Or just easy everyday things that can be removed from the chair and quickly pulled on before leaving the house. For that, I love leggings and a huge sweatshirt (usually with the logo of the College or University). Such things fall by the way, when awake in a hurry for the first couple.

Tips associated with freshers ' Week

  • Eat more vegetables! Well, I will not to be a Killjoy — buy at least a multivitamin, your body will say thank you for it.

  • Buy a reusable water bottle and remember to drink enough water, especially if you are constantly going to parties.

  • And stock up on handkerchiefs, nose drops and cough syrup. If you don't get sick, "Freshman Week", it still catch cold later. Prepare yourself in advance.

What you need to do for the first week at York University

  • The more the better! Try to get acquainted with other students. To do this, go to events and parties (and even they usually have free food). Organize a trip or just an outing with your roommate or classmates. In General, as can communicate more.

How to make friends

Don't be afraid to take the initiative themselves come to those who seems interesting to you and introduce yourself. Try to meet people, especially neighbors in the Dorm — you have to live with them at least a year, so you should establish contact. And in any case do not worry if the first week you will meet your new "best friend"!

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