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Contest for admission and the number of Russians in the first higher in the universities of great Britain

According to official statistics from UCAS in 2011, the average competition for the first higher education in the UK was 1.5 per place. At the same time, the competition for the individual departments can vary greatly depending on the University. For example, such subject as English literature can be very competitive with one school and is very unpopular in another.

Examples of entrance competition a few universities in the UK

Below are some examples of entrance competitions for the programs of the first higher education in various universities in the UK in 2011 year (according to the universities):

The name of the University

General competition (pers.)

Min. competition (pers.)

Max. competition (pers.)

The University Of Edinburgh

3.7 V

policy 14.4 V

chemistry – 1,8

Durham University


anthropology is 2.1

English – 7,8

Oxford and Cambridge

about 5

classic is 2.5

right – 12,2

Statistics on the number of Russians in UK universities

According to the Statistical Agency of UK higher education (HESA) in 2011 on the program of the first higher education in the UK was made more than 2000 Russian students.

Universities in the UK, who actively promote their programs in Russia and working with a strong educational agencies traditionally take a larger number of Russians. The most prestigious UK universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Imperil, LSE) do not work with agencies. At the London school of Economics in 2011 received 39 Russian students in Oxford and Cambridge it is 5-10 people annually.

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