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Of the correlation of the estimates of Russian and British diplomas
Of the correlation of the estimates of Russian and British diplomas
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Of the correlation of the estimates of Russian and British diplomas

System of knowledge evaluation in the countries of the former USSR and the UK differ considerably and therefore it is difficult to draw a strict correlation estimates of their diplomas. Below are the rules derived from the practice of admission to universities in the UK students from countries of the former USSR, with degrees in the rating system "five", "four", "three".

Class British diploma The corresponding estimates of the Russian diploma
First class honours/ degree Technically, this "five" in the diploma. However, the holders of "Red diplomas" with several "fours" are also accepted for programs that require a First class honour;
Upper second-class honours (2:1) "Four" and "five" with an average score of 4.0 and above. The higher ranking position of the University, the higher should be the average score of the diploma. However, there are examples of admissions that require Upper second-class honours, students with 2-3 "three";
Lower second-class honours (2:2) Let's say average grade below 4.0 and the lack of "fives".

Assessing the compliance of Your academic entry requirements for the British University, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Ranking position of the University: the higher ranking position of the University, the more stringent its admission requirements;
  2. The popularity of the program in the same University admission requirements can be formulated in the same manner, but in practice less successful diplomas may be admitted on a less popular program;
  3. The subject on which You are doing doing on the technical disciplines, you need to have good grades in the first place, on technical subjects and when applying for Humanities – it's important to have the highest scores in these disciplines; "3" and "4 key" non-core items can often be ignored by the selection committees;
  4. Experience and other relevant experience can "redeem" the shortcomings of the diploma, if appropriate experience is demonstrated in the application for admission (through letters of recommendation and essay), proving to the admissions Committee the candidate's compliance with the program requirements despite deficiencies achievement.

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