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How to apply for bachelor degree in USA

The types of educational institutions

Main types of U.S. institutions offering programs of a higher education system or lead to it:

  • Universities: conduct scientific activity, appropriate bachelor's, master's and doctorate;
  • Four-year colleges: most are not engaged in scientific activities, appropriate bachelor's degree;
  • Junior colleges: usually, they are called local community college, but also known under the names of junior college and city college. Provide professional education, Associate Degree. Often it is used as an intermediate degree to receive a bachelor degree.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements vary depending on the selected University. Typically, the standard requirements for admissions to the first higher in the United States, the following:

1. Completed secondary education. Most American universities will recognize the certificates of the CIS countries, but many of them require "evaluation" certificates - that is, a translation of the certificate with counted according to the American system GPA. Evaluation by specialized companies.

2. Subject knowledge, which are demonstrated with the help of SAT exam or ACT.

SAT and ACT are standardised tests that are given to graduates of American schools who wish to enter the University. Many colleges do not require foreign applicants passing these tests include evaluation of the diploma. The more prestigious the University, the higher the probability that You will have to take one of the standardized tests.

3. Knowledge of English, confirmed with certificate of TOEFL or IELTS.

4. The level of motivation, achievements in addition to academic success, personal "compatibility" with the character of the University. Usually students are asked to write a motivational essay and explain why they deserve to study at the selected University.

The procedure and deadlines in US universities

Academic year colleges in the U.S. usually starts in August or September and consists of two semesters: autumn and spring. The deadline for applications for admission about six months prior to the start of classes. Some universities accept applications throughout the year and give students the opportunity to study from any of the semesters.

As a rule, the list of required documents is as follows:

  • Certified copy of certificate of secondary school education or a certificate of studied subjects and received marks;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Recommendations from teachers;
  • The results of standardized tests: required TOEFL or IELTS, on – demand SAT, ACT, or specialized tests for certain subjects.

Sending documents to the University (online or by mail), You'll need to wait for the decision of the University. The deadlines vary depending on University and specialization. Perhaps the University will ask You to provide additional documents such as proof of solvency. Once the admission is confirmed, the College will notify you of the enrollment, timing and payment procedure training.

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