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Interview with Olga is a graduate of the University of East Anglia
Interview with Olga is a graduate of the University of East Anglia
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Interview with Olga is a graduate of the University of East Anglia

C Olga, we met at Alumni Talks in the framework of MIEF 2017, where she joyfully shared her experience of studying in the top British University of East Anglia. As many of our readers are from Moscow and are unable to attend the event, we decided to share with You the story of Olga.

EI: Hello, Olga! Tell us a little about yourself. The country in which You graduated from a first degree and why I decided to get my master's in the UK?

- The first higher education I received in Moscow pedagogical University named after Sholokhov, a master's degree decided to get a few years later because of foreign higher education is still valued in the world.

EI: In what year were You enrolled at the University of East Anglia? How did You hear about the University? Why I chose UEA?

- UEA was received in 2013. About the University found out herself after researched the best universities in the UK. Chose UEA because in 2013 the University was in the top 20 throughout the United Kingdom, and number 1 for Student Satisfaction, which means that all aspects of learning and life at this University was recognized the best among students. And also because the University is located in a small distance from the capital of the UK, where I previously lived.

EI: what program did You study? What are your impressions of the program? That prevailed in the program - theory or practice?

- I studied at the Norwich Business School, master in Marketing. Only positive impressions. All my life I dreamed to study either in England or in America. In the programme the MSc Marketing was just enough: practice and theory, but often need to do individually, what is the peculiarity of the master's programs in England.

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EI: What did You do in your free time at University? Did You have student clubs? Were you able to travel around the country?

- In free time to explore the city, and nearby cities: Cromer and Great Yarmouth, on Sunny days there is wonderful to walk along the beach, eat donuts and drink traditional black tea with milk. Fish and Chips there is also very tasty. Also free days you can travel to other cities in the UK, as trains and buses is very convenient and not very expensive.

Was in three clubs: UEA Women In Business Society, UEA Actuarial Society, UEA Russian Society.

Also participated in a theatre production about astronomy and physics, where students played the role of the ancient scholars. On the same stage that so many famous musicians who come to our University to give concerts. Our night club scene with its called the LCR.

Travelled easily and constantly, that was then London, then Cambridge or Oxford, at the end of the school year went with friends to Scotland, several cities saw Glasgow, Edinburgh and Loch ness, of course. Wales is also beautiful and mysterious part of the United Kingdom, with ancient castles and beautiful and delicious food.

EI: Tell us a little about the Norwich (Norwich). What are the pros and cons You see for yourself?

- For the ignorant people of this town may seem uninteresting. After London I was afraid to move anywhere. But after two weeks of living here, this city never ceased to amaze. The history of the city, with a medieval castle in the middle, night life, shops, the University itself - as a separate town, he's a giant and satisfies all tastes. Friendly locals. The opportunity to meet new friends that hang out all the time, even if you need to go back to Russia. In this town was filmed a few famous movies: Stardust and Avengers was shot in our in UEA with these famous Hollywood actors. I really like this fact, of course. The Queen of England recently came to our exhibition. I think it's very interesting :)

Minus the city that weren't there :) if not need a visa, moved to permanent residence.

EI: what about Your career after graduate? What are You doing now?

- Currently teach business English in international companies in Moscow. Do marketing through their instagram (@fictionalwishes) and blog www.fictionalwishes.com. Are constantly in communication with the communications Directors, as do SMM (Social Media Marketing) on a regular basis (as a hobby).

EI: the Most motivating event that happened to You during the study?

- This is probably my extracurricular work as elders, when we decided with the teachers how best to teach theory and practice on a specific course. One day that fellowship, student and teachers on an equal level, opened my eyes to the fact that you want to understand and help :) And what can be achieved if there is discussion or dialogue.

EI: Thank you very much for this interview! What advice would You give for our readers?

- As they say now and English-speaking countries "You do you", which roughly means "be who you want to be," and I think that in England is more true than anywhere else. The University of East Anglia in this sense, a fine example. Here you can be anyone: a student, a teenager, actor, listener, Advisor. The teaching staff here is great, huge library with countless resources, with mini-rooms where you can be alone with your coursework or dissertation, wonderful nature - the University is located near a lake and a farm with a mini pony. Here and city and countryside. In Norwich should please all.

I think the fact that recently, UЕА moved to 12th place in the Complete University Guide ranks speaks volumes.

And if you have the means to purchase a great life experience and then to appreciate it, you need to choose England, and our diverse UEA.

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