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Opinion about student life at University of York
Opinion about student life at University of York
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Opinion about student life at University of York

Beth is a student of bachelor program of the faculty of English Language and Related Literature at the University of York. It is involved in the student radio of the University and leads weekly movie reviews on radio. Here's what a student says about studying at the University of York in his blog:

"The University should not only issue a diploma, but to do everything to ensure that students remember their College years forever. I believe that the University of York is doing a great job. Colleges and exciting student communities to scenic cities bored here just do not have.

First, about the system of colleges. I'm proud of I live in College Derwent (Derwent College). But College is not just hostel. This is the place where you can find best friends, to participate in fun activities and even free food (that quickly becomes your the main interest). And anyway, you immediately feel like at Hogwarts and ready to do anything for the honour of my College.

York it is a lively city with many attractions: the best in country night clubs, the old streets (Hello, shambles, an!) and already all three the shops with Harry Potter. Here just bored and everyone will find something to their liking. And the people of York are very proud to be here before it was a Viking settlement, and each year they hold a festival "Jorvik Festival". In a time of celebration, you can watch tournaments of the Vikings, see their tools and weapons and even try archery! York is also known as the "city chocolate" because the company "Rowntree's" was founded continues its work here. If you're a bit of a sweet tooth (like me!), you will be delighted with the number of establishments where you can try good chocolate.

Personally, I spend almost all my free time, participating in the life of student communities. I am among the leaders University Radio York (URY), and debate Club. This year, URY I say for recording gear. I conduct weekly reviews on the movies Screen, and I put several radio plays and documentaries, participating in the casting, installation and promotion of the resulting works. Thanks this I gained not only valuable experience in the journalism field, but the big fun and a lot of good impressions. I even led a direct report from the BAFTA! And though it wasn't easy, but it was unforgettable the opportunity to Express themselves, which I probably would not have received at another University.

At York University I met awesome people, and some of them became my close friends. I am very glad can relax and spend time with them.

In addition, I am an active member of the debate Club. Thanks to the club, I learned how to speak in public and participated in a fun and the lively discussion. We also organized an annual Debate Tournament that has become a real school of planning and organization. All students should go through it!

While training at the University, it is important find time to relax (although I don't personally have it doesn't always work). To fortunately, that's something I always ready to help my neighbors in the Dorm. We together you watch movies, play games, go to parties and prepare new meals. Coming home after a hard day, I always know that my friends I cheers.

Well, the main thing is that from training in University you have left good memories. Most likely, you will a student only once! Therefore, may this time will be unforgettable. Join a community, learn new things, spend all the money on t-shirts with Harry Potter and just have a good time!

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