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Alina from Russia about studying in the British University UCLan Cyprus Syprus
Alina from Russia about studying in the British University UCLan Cyprus Syprus
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Alina from Russia about studying in the British University UCLan Cyprus Syprus

EI: hi! Tell us a little about yourself. How is it that you were/she in Cyprus?
Hi, my name is Alina and I'm from Moscow. I can't believe these 4 years passed so quickly, but this year I'm finishing UCLan Cyprus , majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

EI: by what criteria did you choose the University and why he chose UCLan Cyprus?
UCLan in England, one of the good universities, and when I heard about UCLan Cyprus from a friend, I immediately liked the idea. I came in 2014, when the University was only 2 years, and had the pleasure of seeing the University growing right before our eyes over the past 4 years. Every year the number of students, courses, equipment and capabilities is growing.
UCLan Cyprus offers many different courses and programs. I have always been interested in communication with people, tourism and hotel business, so I chose the program Hospitality and Tourism Management. Hospitality and Tourism Management includes different areas of tourism, theoretical and practical creation of activities, hotel business, marketing and business strategy. All teaching is in English, which helps to improve English to a professional level. And one of the main factors is, of course, friendly, welcoming Cyprus.

EI: How was the admission process? If you are faced with any difficulties when entering University?
When I entered 2014, the process was quite complicated, but now everything is much easier and faster. Team student Support (Student Support) is very friendly and always helps the students enough to send them an email and they'll send detailed instructions for admission and required documents. Full information can be found on the website of the official website of the University. The University also provides a discount in the first year of training for those who studied a-levels at school 😊

EI: How was the first days after your move to Cyprus? How quickly you adapt to life and learning process.
I arrived in late September, a week before the start of lectures to adapt a bit. At first it was hard, because I didn't know where to shop and what buses to get, but now all information is provided online and in the "Welcome Pack" for new students. The learning process starts out pretty easy and allows you to gradually be drawn into a new rhythm of learning. The training is mostly in writing assignments of several thousand words, and group presentations.
In Larnaca there are several supermarkets (Lidl, Metro, Alphamega), where you can buy food, it can be reached by bus from the hostel, and there are a couple of shops in Pyla a 5 minute walk, where you can buy products for home and food.

EI: Tell me, what program are you studying? What are your impressions?
I finished Hospitality and Tourism Management program. This is a program for communicative, open-minded people willing to think creatively, because the training is not only theory. The training includes strategies for creating your own business, team work and creative thinking. I really liked that the course includes not only tourism and hotel business, but also marketing, sports tourism, development of websites and more that helps to find your other strengths. The course also includes different excursions at the best hotels in Cyprus, vineyards and other tourist spots. Cyprus is the best place to study tourism, in my opinion.

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EI: What do you do in your free time?
The University has a library and a gym. The student Council organizes events throughout the year e.g. Welcome week with excursions to the cities of Cyprus and traditional dinners with all new and foreign students skiing in the Troodos mountains, the annual carnival and winter parties. Also in Limassol there are many bars and restaurants, cinema and shops. Students of tourism can find a part time job in the hospitality or tourism business. And of course, the beach and the sea 😊

EI: Tell us a little bit about the city. What advantages do you see for yourself? What choices of accommodation do you choose?

Larnaca is enough and a great tourist town but quiet and peaceful allowing you to focus on school too. Buses run frequently, but often not entirely accurate, but you get used to and adapt to them too.
I live in a dormitory from the University. This apartment with 2 or more neighbors, everyone has their own room with the bathroom, but living room and kitchen to share. The price also includes electricity, Internet and other bills. There are other options, the apartment is not far from the University in Pyla, for example, but not so simple, you will need to connect the electricity and to pay a Deposit for it, Internet and water. Pros – I live alone, and the price is the same as in the hostel.
EI: Thank you very much for the interesting answers! In conclusion of our interview, what would you like to tell readers Education Index?
I was very happy to share my experience because for me it was a wonderful 4 years. It is an amazing experience to live in another country, meet people from different countries, to know another culture, explore Cyprus and at the same time to study at UCLan Cyprus.
If anyone has questions, feel free to write me on Facebook or instagram Alina Domrina a.domrina'm happy to answer other questions 😊

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