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How to go to College the Netherlands

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Here you will find a detailed description of the process of self-admission to Dutch universities.

Did you know that in all universities of the Netherlands, has employees who receive a salary because they answer the questions of Russian-speaking students? To get detailed information from the universities you are interested in, ask questions to their representatives on the pages of universities in the Netherlands.

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The sequence of steps for admission to a Dutch University

STEP 1: Choose suitable universities

If you have already determined which University you want to do, skip to Step 2. If not – read guide on how to choose University in the Netherlands. Need help is order the service - oriented approach to University and program.

STEP 2: Choose a specialization

If you know exactly what profession you want to get – excellent! See search engine programs of universities in the Netherlands and choose the appropriate program.

Still thinking about which specialization to choose? Then see the list items in the Dutch universities, as well as the video below about the occupations that will be in demand in the world and in Russia in the next 5-20 years.

STEP 3: Choose a program

If you are not sure which program will suit you best read guide "How to choose a program at the University of the Netherlands".

STEP 4: Register on the website of the University

Full list of requirements and questions to motivation letters and references can be found in the online system of filing University.

Statements and documents to the universities of Holland are sent online. If you arrive at the first higher register in Studielink the online system through which to apply for admission to the undergraduate courses in Dutch universities. The system allows you to send the same request on 4 program, of which only one — Numerus Fixus, only a limited number of places, which are distributed between equal candidates based on a lottery. Before sending the write requests in the selected schools, planning the admission details and find out the contents of documents and requests for admission (universities may have additional requirements that are not stated in Studielink). It is useful to see the exact entrance requirements before you start working on the preparation of the application.

Those who come to the master, apply on the website of the selected University, what you will need to register on the websites of the schools in which the entrant enters.

Need help in checking the application for admission? Book a service check of application and documents.

STEP 5: Prepare documents for application for admission

On programs with low competition the applicant will require minimum effort for application development. If you select a top University – be ready to work on the request seriously. Regardless of competition, the majority of universities in the Netherlands will be required to provide: document of previous education, CV, recommendations, and often, but not always — a motivation letter.

The following documents are required for admission to the universities in the Netherlands:

A document, proving previous education

The main document on the basis of which the University decides on admission, – proof of previous education. Most often, the applicant shall submit an application to the Dutch school, still not having it on hand. If the secondary school leaving certificate is not received or not received a bachelor's degree, the applicant submits to the University a statement and its translation.


For admission to Dutch universities at master and bachelor programs and in the preparation of documents for the scholarship, you will need a resume, or CV.

Making a CV for a Dutch University, try to show himself as a versatile personality, describing not only the experience of work and study (if you already have), but speaking about those of your merits and achievements that is not reflected in other documents of the application for admission. Try to place CV on one to two pages of A4 and write about the results, not only about what you did.

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Motivation letter

An essay in which the applicant explains why choose a profession and this University and how the program will help them achieve their professional and life goals. This document plays an important role in the arrival of many Dutch universities.

Materials for the preparation of motivational letter alone will tell you where to start, how to plan an essay and give examples of successful cover letters.

Need help in preparing a cover letter? Our editors, who studied at the University of Oxford and LSE will be pleased to help in preparing a cover letter.

A letter of recommendation

Recommendation or characteristic of the student from the teacher or employer the universities of the Netherlands is rarely required, but in principle this is possible. Often, by requesting the document at home, the student is able to counter the request, "write something, and I'll sign". In any case do not submit such recommendations to the University!

Materials letter of introduction to a foreign University will help you and those who will work on your recommendations.

Need help in preparing a cover letter? Order the service preparation of the recommendations.


If the previous education is not obtained in English, you need to take a test to prove proficiency in English.

Detailed information about IELTS, TOEFL and other tests here.

Get free advice on passing IELTS or TOEFL.

STEP 7: Prepare a portfolio, to pass the other tests

For admission to some of the specialty will need to prepare a portfolio or to pass additional tests/ exams. Such specialties some. So, you will need a creative portfolio for design and architecture, "live" exam in the acting, musical and similar specialty. In some universities in the master's programs in business and Finance and always Postini MBA may require the GMAT.

Get advice on the preparation of a creative portfolio.

Get free advice for passing the test GMAT.

STEP 8: Pay the fee for consideration of the application

Dutch universities charge a fee for consideration of the application for admission to €50-100. Payment is made after the applicant will receive online application for admission to the University. Within a few days you will receive from the University a letter with payment instructions.

STEP 9: Send a request and wait for a response of the University

If you prepared the application yourself, we can send 1-2 days (unless time permits), to carefully check everything again. Need help in checking the application for admission?

Book a service check of application and documents.

And please be patient. Most universities will give you an answer within one month after sending the application. Even if the University is ready to take you on, most likely you will receive an offer conditional admission. Final it will be when you pass the exams, and their results will satisfy your chosen University.

At this stage you will also need a close dialogue with representatives of the University — be sure to find out all the little nuances of representatives of Dutch universities.

Good luck! No fluff, no pen!