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How many in the Netherlands for foreign students, where they came from and what you studying
How many in the Netherlands for foreign students, where they came from and what you studying
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How many in the Netherlands for foreign students, where they came from and what you studying

The total number of students in the Netherlands

According to the Ministry of education, culture and science of Holland, in the 2015-2016 academic year. the total number of foreign undergraduate students and graduate students in accredited programs in the country, increased significantly compared to previous years and amounted to 74 894 man is 10.7% of the total number of students. With most of the increase of students enrolled in the graduate programs of research universities.

Students by level of education and type of universities

At the program levels of higher education:

Approximately 70 % of foreigners in the Netherlands study programs of undergraduate and 30% graduate.

According to the type of educational institutions:

In research universities around 11,000 foreign students more than in the application. The ratio of foreigners in the programs of master and bachelor about 50/50. Most of the future masters study at research universities.

In the applied universities the ratio is qualitatively different - about 95 % of the foreigners are preparing to receive a bachelor's degree and only 5% are enrolled in graduate.

Top 10 Dutch universities for the number of foreign students

1. Maastricht University: 8563 people - more on 791 persons than in 2014-2015

2. Fontys University of Applied Sciences: 4,798 - an increase of 12 people compared to 2014-2015

3. Erasmus University Rotterdam: 4,577 - an increase of 589 people, compared with the 2014-2015

4. University of Groningen: 4,571 - an increase of 496 people compared to 2014-2015

5. TU Delft: 4,443 - an increase of 680 people compared to 2014-2015

6. The University of Amsterdam: 3,537 - an increase of 386 people compared to 2014-2015

7. Leiden University: 3,021 - an increase of 440 persons compared to 2014-2015

8. Saxion University of Applied Sciences: 2,975 - an increase of 240 people compared to 2014-2015

9. The Hague University of Applied Sciences: 2,805 - an increase of 131 people, compared to 2014-2015

10. Utrecht University: 2,367 - an increase of 137 people. compared with 2014-2015

The most popular subject area

In research universities:

1. Business and Economics;

2. Social science;

3. Engineering;

4. Arts and culture;

5. Science;

6. Humanities, law;

7. Medicine;

8. Agriculture and the environment.

In applied universities:

1. Business and Economics;

2. Engineering;

3. Arts and culture;

4. Social science;

5. Medicine;

6. Education;

7. Agriculture and the environment.

From what countries most often go to study in Holland

Germany 22173 France 1604
China 4342 Romania 1576
Belgium 2668 India 1304
Italy 2618 Indonesia 1207
UK 2305 Poland 1064
Greece 2186 Lithuania 902
Bulgaria 2024 Russia 740
Spain 1640 USA 650

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