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Scholarships and grants to study in Holland

In the last two years the number of scholarships and grants at universities in English speaking countries for Russians and CIS citizens are greatly reduced, and the cost of studying is higher. Holland offers a wide range of educational programs in English, so for Russians and students from the CIS have become a good alternative to the UK, USA and Canada.

In addition to the low cost of study, Dutch higher education institutions and the government has established a scholarship program for talented students. We'll show you where to find and how to obtain a scholarship or grant to study in Holland for free or at a large discount, — and you be sure to take advantage of these opportunities.

To win the grant in the Netherlands is more difficult than to do — you are competing with those whom your institution is already recognized the most worthy. Not worth the risk: if you receive a scholarship ask for the assistance of our consultants.

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Useful, about scholarships and grants in Holland

Government scholarships and grants to study in the Netherlands for students from Russia and the CIS

Global education for Russian citizens

Students from Russia enrolled in the program graduate, postgraduate and internship in leading Dutch universities from the EU list of scholarship programs Global education, can apply for a grant in the amount of 100 % of tuition and residence in the Netherlands. After graduation they must return to Russia to work in their professions for at least three years in one of the cities in the country.

In the list of “Global education” you will find only research universities of the Netherlands, as applied universities do not participate in the world rankings. If you are looking for a scholarship to study at the University of applied Sciences, this scholarship program will not work. In this case study the options for Dutch government program OTS.

Bolashak for citizens of Kazakhstan

Scholarship program Bolashak is an opportunity for graduate students and graduate studies from Kazakhstan, arrived in top universities of the Netherlands, to 100% financial support for the duration of training from the state budget. After graduation, you must return home and work in their professions from three to five years. Read more - here.

Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus grant programme, established by the government of the European Union. Russian students can participate in some of the international scholarship Erasmus Mundus programmes which involve study for 1-2 semesters at several universities of different countries, including Dutch universities and obtain a double diploma. Depending on the specialty financing can be complete or partial. Scholarships with the support of the government of the Netherlands

The government and the universities of Netherlands is interested in strengthening the Dutch higher education and increase its prestige in the world — and many do. The largest scholarship programs of the Dutch universities are partially government-funded, partially - universities. The two largest scholarship programs for foreigners in the country: Orange Tulip Scholarship and Holland Scholarship.

Orange Tulip Scholarship, OTS

OTS is the largest scholarship program in the Netherlands to Finance the education of foreign students. Carefully read the conditions: some universities will award you a scholarship for the duration of the training, others for one or two years. Acceptance of applications is on schedule from January to may. In General, the number of documents in the application are small, they are, at first glance, the standard and the procedure of its filing looks much more simple than in Britain or the United States. But do not relax: here lurk all the typical Dutch pitfalls. You have to understand the features of the Dutch approach to education, look at the life and career of hundreds of standard, at first glance, it is your applications have attracted the attention of the scholarship Committee.

Read more about the scholarship program OTS and full list of universities participating in the OTS.

Holland Scholarship

Holland Scholarship - scholarship program of the government of the Netherlands, where foreign students receive 5000 euros a year for tuition at the University. To qualify for the scholarship can be annually.

What are the chances to get a scholarship for bachelors, masters and PhD students?

As in all foreign countries, just harder to find a scholarship, especially with 100% coverage, students of undergraduate universities to offer them rare, and the competition for them is very high. Partially offset the cost of training in addition to the above Dutch scholarship programs will help with paid internships and work while studying. A lot more scholarships and grants offer students more choices — graduate students. Scholarships and grants for graduate level education offer both research universities and universities of applied Sciences, many of which conduct applied research.

How to get a scholarship to study at Dutch University

To ensure that you could qualify for a scholarship or grant at the Dutch University, you must first enroll in you are interested in the University and obtain from him a formal offer of acceptance. Although the Netherlands is now more favorable situation with obtaining financial support than in English-speaking countries to obtain a scholarship or grant in the Netherlands is quite a challenging task.

On our website there is detailed information on OTS and Holland Scholarship, as well as tips on preparing applications for those who decided to compete for a scholarship.

If you have any questions or need assistance in applying for admission to the universities of the Netherlands and the scholarship, please contact our consultants. And be sure to subscribe to the newsletter Educationindex to regularly receive information on the best scholarships for Russians and students from the CIS countries.

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