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How to choose a profession at the University of the Netherlands

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Foreign education — a solid and quality Foundation for their future career. Well consider your goals and schedule the steps that will lead you to them. So you can consistently move towards interesting, relevant and well-paid profession. The joy from the work that you do — the surest way to success in your chosen field. So, in a way!

STEP 1: Identify your personal qualities and preferences

Do what you like and are good at it. The prestige of the profession has value, but think carefully before, for example, to choose right, if you always attracted to the history of the world, or the economy, while you dream about the English language and the math test do not cause much enthusiasm.

Using services and specialists on career guidance, define from 2 to 5 specialties that you think best match your interests, goals and achievements. Here are some of them:

STEP 2: Map your preferences and trends in the labour market

Defining "their" spheres of activity, find out what careers there are, which ones are marketable now and what specialists will be especially essential 3, 5, and 10 years in your country and abroad. From the list of popular professions select those that will fit you.

Watch the video of Yana Drapkina-Uehara about what professions will be in demand in Russia and in the world in the coming years.

STEP 3: Find the right program

The search programs of universities in the Netherlands — a convenient way to select the educational programs of many Dutch universities in your subject area. And search programs in subjects will allow to familiarize with the list of subjects taught in the universities of the Netherlands.

Ask clarifying questions to the representatives of universities on the pages of the programmes of Dutch universities. University staff will be glad to answer all questions and help you with the selection.

STEP 4: Find out what you do and how much graduates earn

According to Eurostat, the Netherlands is one of the leaders in the percentage employed in the first year after graduation graduates in Europe. According to forecasts of the same organization in the next 20 -40 years in the Netherlands due to a natural reduction of the young population is expected to a serious lack of local expertise, so now the government is taking steps to invite to study to talented foreigners, and then to provide them with decent conditions in which they will be able to stay in the country. To estimate the relevance of a particular profession in the current time view jobs in your area.

Identifying programs that interest you in your chosen profession, ask for important information from professors on the pages of these programs in Russian or English.

STEP 5: Find out how professionals will make it easier to get a job in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, unlike the UK, US and Canada, graduates of local universities have very high chances to remain on the job thanks to the program Orientation Year.

The Dutch government publishes information about the most important for the country's industries and occupations, the demand for which, according to experts, will steadily increase.