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How to choose a University in the Netherlands

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Higher education the Netherlands has important features: Dutch universities are divided into research and application, and classes and schedules are organized according to an unfamiliar domestic students in a problem-oriented, approach to learning. Will require considerable independence of judgment and ability to argue their position to cope with stress and quickly find a common language with the inhabitants of the country.

Suggest to learn more about the features of the Dutch education compared to the Russian, about how classes are performed and submitted work, but also about the culture, lifestyle and business etiquette of this country.

Study in Holland in English and/or Dutch. Almost the entire population speaks English.

We offer you 7 criteria that will help determine "your" University in the Netherlands.

If something remains unclear, ask questions to representatives of universities whose job it is to answer the questions of Russian-speaking students. Ask a question to the University on the pages of Dutch universities.

Or let us work at finding great Dutch of the University and program order a customized selection of University and program.

CRITERION 1: Professional or academic career

If you plan to get applied profession (engineer, it specialist, logistics Manager, travel Manager), choose one of the universities of applied Sciences. All the knowledge you direct, the learning process can work in practice. After graduation you will be fully ready to conquer the professional peaks and maybe by this time will receive a job offer from the company where you interned.

If you want to engage in scientific research and/or teaching at the University choose the research University. From the walls of the Dutch research universities has left a lot of Nobel and other prestigious prizes, and also big scientific discoveries that changed human life for the better.

Programs in research universities for one year shorter than in the application, but are more expensive and admission requirements-one: applicants who graduated from high school in Russia or the CIS, you may need an additional year of training. Be sure to specify that the representatives you are interested in Dutch universities, they will explain all the details.

CRITERION 2: the Ranking of Dutch universities

Due to the division of universities on the research and application of a single rating, which involves all the universities of the Netherlands, does not exist.

Research universities of the Netherlands

Learn about the reputation and achievements you are interested in a research University you can out of the international rankings of universities, representing the best universities of the planet.

Choosing a College based on its ranking position, consider the following:

  • The higher ranking position of the University, the harder it is to do and above Board training.
  • The University may NOT occupy the highest place in the overall ranking, but to be a leader in that subject area that interests you. For example, Tilburg University is the 357-th place in the overall ranking of QS, while business and management are his specialty — the University took the 50th position in the QS Economics and econometrics.
  • There are questions to the universities? Specify everything that is important to you, the representatives you are interested in Dutch universities, they will be happy to help. Communication with representatives of universities is a common and very useful for those entering practice.

The universities of applied Sciences

If you look to the universities of applied Sciences, then, most likely, will not be able to use the ratings as a selection criterion. Applied universities in the Netherlands much more than research,but they do not participate in international rankings, as it does not conduct fundamental scientific research. However, most of them provide excellent professional education that will lay a solid Foundation for your future successful career. Who applied for University in the Netherlands is the best choice here.

Although in the Netherlands there are several national ratings of applied universities, they are published in Dutch and in full, available only by paid subscription. Therefore, the choice of applied higher education is particularly useful to consult a specialist who is familiar with their features. Ordering a customized selection of University and program, you will receive detailed information about the Dutch universities that are best suited to you personally.

The universities of applied Sciences do not conduct fundamental scientific research, but often at the request of the public services or private companies engaged in applied research aimed at solving specific problems. Find out from representatives of universities, what projects they work — it may become an important argument in favor of his choice.

Another useful source of information about universities of applied Sciences — the studentswho study in the Netherlands. They know firsthand how the education in the country and at a particular institution.

Also in the selection of the universities of applied Sciences please note that, as in Russia, they often have one or more specializations, for example, agriculture, tourism and management, art.

CRITERION 3: the Location and type of College

Choosing a College, you need to decide whether you want to live and study in a big city or small and you would like to organize your student life, life and leisure.

Large or small city

Due to its favourable geographical position, a small area of the Netherlands and the great development of transport you will have the same access to all parts of the country and to the rest of Europe, as well as the same level of comfort and security no matter what country you live.

Identify the important points regarding the spot, based on the information below.

Features major cities:

  • A rich cultural and student life: a large selection of extracurricular activities, many student clubs, interesting and useful acquaintances.
  • Easier to look for work and part time.
  • More opportunities to meet local people and get into their social circle.
  • Easier to rent.

Every Dutch town of his face and features. For example, Rotterdam is a major port and industrial centre with a modern, but somewhat monotonous architecture, Amsterdam — the political and cultural capital of the country, the Hague is the centre of legal life in Europe.

Features small towns:

  • Quiet measured life allows you to fully immerse yourself in study and faster to adapt to the local life.
  • Tuition, housing and food are somewhat lower than in large cities (but most of it depends on everything from the ranking of the University and whether he applied or research).
  • A few harder to find housing.
  • A small remoteness from the large cities and good transport accessibility: you can often to visit them.

Life in a small town provides a good opportunity for Cycling to the nearby towns and national parks, and therefore, more individual and thoughtful acquaintance with the country. Of course, all of this is available to students from big cities, but the time and incentives to travel a bit less, because they have enough entertainment and leisure activities, which do not need to go far.

Types of Dutch universities

  • City University: the University grounds and buildings which entered in the city environment. Such universities in the country the most.
  • Campussy University: campus compact, in whose territory he lives, learns and works, some of the students (usually freshmen), faculty and other University employees.
  • University colleges: universities, organized on the basis of one, but often several universities in which teaching is conducted only in undergraduate and only a few of the specialties. Students are provided housing for the duration of the training.

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CRITERION 4: the Cost of studies

Tuition is higher in research universities than in the application.

Price level in Dutch research universities, occupying approximately an equal ranking position, will not vary significantly. However, medical, laboratory, MBA and some other professions will be much more expensive than others.

The tuition in applied higher education institutions with approximately equal authority, is also slightly different. However, depending on the specialty and it will be different even within the same University. Part of tuition fees in higher education institution of this type can be compensated through mandatory paid internship included in the program.

Not found the cost of programs that interest you?

Specify the details of the representatives you are interested in Dutch universities on the pages of these universities. They will be happy to help you!

CRITERION 5: Scholarships

Many universities in the Netherlands offer scholarships for Russian students. A full scholarship in Holland is rare, but savings of 15 - 50% for the first and sometimes subsequent years of training may be granted to applicants whose application is convincing enough.

If you are applying for a scholarship, your application for admission must be made in compliance with the many rules, even if the competition for your chosen program small.

Help in compiling the most compelling application for admission and scholarship — book our services for admission in foreign University.

CRITERION 6: Level entrance requirements

Level entrance requirements are usually higher in research universities, but not always. In applied universities with an excellent reputation to do can be just as difficult.

Often, difficulties for Russian-speaking students call requirements points exam English — IELTS. It is useful to know that to apply to a Dutch University and not having the desired IELTS. You can send all documents in advance, and IELTS to send after it will be delivered.

Examine entry requirements on pages programmes of universities in the Netherlands and clarify details of University staff by sending questions to the universities directly from the pages you are interested programs.

CRITERION 7: Links with other universities, joint degrees, internship

After graduating from a Dutch University, students have the opportunity to not only study 1 or 2 semesters in another country, learn another foreign language (which is very highly regarded in Holland), but also to get joint diploma of two universities, his and another, including such prestigious universities as Oxford and the Sorbonne. As a rule, more opportunities of this kind for the students of universities of applied Sciences. If you want, except for the Netherlands, to live and to learn in a specific country, choose a University that offers such an opportunity.

Be sure to request this information from representatives of the University you are interested in.

Need help? Entrust us with the selection of your British University and program order a customized selection of University and program.

Watch the video of our founder Jana Drapkina-Uehara on the choice of the University abroad.


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