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A student on MSc Management at University of York

Ekaterina Tskhakaia – 23-year-old graduate of the University of York from Russia, which in the summer of 2015 the program has finished BA Management and presented the results of their scientific work in the framework of the bachelor program in 5 international conferences.

At the time of writing the work "Knowledge Management Systems" the example of British Airways Catherine was invited to a scientific conference, held in Madeira in March 2015. To take part in it, Catherine organized a fundraiser and were able to raise the necessary funds. In addition, Catherine participated in scientific conferences in Spain, Germany and England.

Before becoming a student at the University of York, Catherine graduated from the specialty in Sochi State University (SSU) in the direction "Finance", excellently defended his thesis "Microfinance in Latin America".

Catherine said: "I came here to study management at York Universitybecause I wanted to discover the discipline, not so much associated with numbers, as my first major (finances). Business school of York University provided me a great opportunity to learn from practitioners and a chance to expand your network of useful contacts"

Speaking 5 languages (Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French), Catherine worked as a volunteer during the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. In particular, Catherine worked as a translator for the Princess of Jordan Sarah, and was Team Maintenance Assistant for various national teams. For his productive work Catherine was awarded 2 awards "Best Volunteer".

Also every summer, Catherine is Project Leader and Student Ambassador during the international summer school at the University of Carinthia (Austria), and recently became the winner of the award for Best Performance.


Actively playing sports, during training at the University of York Catherine became interested in dance sport and won two College tournaments of Roses. In addition, she was Director of dance at the annual Chinese New year celebration.

"If we talk about what I'm going to do after graduation, then I have a proposal for master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from another University on a scholarship, but I'm also actively looking for a job in the UK and the USA. I am currently at the final stage interview in one of the largest consulting companies, so let's hope for success!".