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Russian Higher Education System Ranks in the World Top-30

The latest ranking by the QS put Russia among the world leaders for the higher education quality. The QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings evaluates and lists entire national education systems and is designed to keep track of the global trends. The Russian system has proven to outperform ones in Malaysia, Israel and Austria, which makes it 26th on the list.

The countries are ranked based on the system strength, access, flagship institution performance, and economic context. The four elements have equal weightings and are outlined below:

System strength. The strength is calculated based on the number of country’s universities ranked 700 or above in the QS World University Rankings, divided by the average position of those institutions.

Access. This aspect studies the availability of the higher education in the country. The score is based on the number of places for students at the internationally ranked universities, divided by the number of citizens.

Flagship institution. The third indicator is based on the performance on the country’s leading institution within the QS World University Rankings. Russian top university, Moscow State University, has excellent reputation worldwide.

Economic context: This final category compares the GDP per capita of the country in question to its performance in the international rankings which allows to assess the effectiveness of national investment in the higher education system.

The ranking, which can be sorted to show the country’s performance within each individual category, proves Russia to hold a particularly strong position in two categories — “economic context” and “system strength”. The overall ranking lists 50 institutions and has been published by the QS for the first time this year.

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