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The opinion of a student from Kazakhstan about studying at Regent's University London
The opinion of a student from Kazakhstan about studying at Regent's University London
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The opinion of a student from Kazakhstan about studying at Regent's University London

Before a student from Kazakhstan Adilet Utessinov training in the UK has opened up many opportunities — he was able to expand the network of professional contacts and met with colleagues from different countries. Picturesque campus, Regent's University London is located in the heart of London, which was a pleasant addition.

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About yourself and choosing a University

I was looking for promising University to study a master's degree and seek advice to relatives. My sister graduated from the master program of the University of London Regents in 2010. She was sure that this University will give me a good knowledge and will be an advantage when applying for a job.

I'm from Kazakhstan, one of the largest States-exporters of oil in the CIS. The economy of the countries exporting resources is directly connected with the oil trade. During the recent market crisis, it became apparent that companies need experts in the field of management and operations in commodity markets. I was looking for a program that would give me the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career.

Familiarity with industry

On the programme MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management I in practice learned how to carry out transactions on the stock exchange, and the experience of simulator trading platform was unforgettable! Due to the instability of prices in the oil market work on the exchange got so tense that I was breathtaking. In addition, I was interested to analyze the economic efficiency of the real company. For me, as a future Manager, it was valuable to see the complete picture, market analysis and details of the financial situation of a particular company, then make the decision.

From the presentations of fellow students I learned about different practices in different countries. I hope that in the future I will be able to put into practice all the knowledge gained at the University of London Regents.

Suggest Regent's University London for anyone who wants to study in an international team. You will get acquainted with different cultures and learn about different ways of management of the commodity markets and strategies used by oil and gas companies from different countries.

The first step of my career would be to work in the national oil and gas company of Kazakhstan. I want to get promoted, and take place in the Board of Directors.

London — a city of opportunities

In free time my classmates get acquainted with the sights of London, and on weekends playing soccer. I think this is a great opportunity to meet with the guys and learn about their culture. Besides, we can relax and unwind to continue your studies full of energy and new ideas.

Today, the London combines the great history of and the prospects for a stable and secure future. It is a city where you can live and study in a building with a long history, equipped with the latest technology, and to discuss the economic situation and financial perspectives with classmates from around the world. This may only be in London!

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