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Interview with graduate dual degree Programs the University of Reading and University
Interview with graduate dual degree Programs the University of Reading and University
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Interview with graduate dual degree Programs the University of Reading and University

Graduate Program dual degree Law LLM at the University of reading (University of Reading) and MGIMO told Education Index about their impressions of the program, University and life in the UK.
EI: Hello, Nikita! Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am 25 years old, I graduated with honors bachelor and masters of MGIMO University with a degree in law with bias in international Finance and tax law. During my University years I was a course leader, swam in competitions for the national team of the University. Now working in a large law firm doing international tax planning, dispute resolution with tax authorities, litigation and sometimes international disputes in the field of sports. PhD student, writing articles in Russian and international journals on taxation. Fond of sailing, kite-surfing and winter sports.
EI: what year You entered the University? What was the justification of the choice of this dual degree program?
At MGIMO I did in 2009, and the program of double diploma Law LLM in 2015. I want to emphasize that the international-legal faculty MGIMO, which I have done, could really adjust to the Bologna system of education. Master's courses are not just a formality, but an opportunity to fully delve into a favorite specialty. Master program double degree has allowed me in turn to look at the law through the eyes of English lawyers, which helps me every day at work when I encounter unusual situations that require a creative approach.
Want to mention another important point. At the end of my bachelor degree, I was faced with a choice: Russian or foreign master's degree. The foreign master always attracts prospects for future employment outside of Russia and the unique life and educational experiences, while the Russian master's courses needed to continue education in graduate school. In addition, educational standards in our country are constantly changing, and I admit the possibility of eliminating the undergraduate category of higher education and its transformation into a higher, incomplete higher or any other. So training exclusively in foreign master may, would require in the future from me two years of training in a magistracy in Russia to obtain a legal education. Thanks to a good educational decision of the University on the creation of a dual program, I managed to avoid this risk and obtain unique foreign experience.
EI: Tell us about your learning experience in the two countries. Different year of study at MGIMO on-year in the UK?
The main difference lies in the approach to education. Plus Russian education is the inseparability of education and training. MGIMO is fighting for each enrolled student, seeks to interest him, resorting to disciplinary action to the negligent students but everything is done for one purpose: to raise intelligent, educated and thinking person with a strong educational and moral Foundation for successful leadership positions in state and commercial structures.
In the UK, the approach is more formal. It is believed that the student had initially committed to acquiring knowledge. The control on the exams are always very serious, all papers shall be anonymous, for violation of deadlines for written work even for one day significantly reduced the rating. In one word: discipline. Expelled from school because of underachievement is also without regret. But, nevertheless, teachers are always open to dialogue, always ready to discuss and help to understand complex issues, not only in the University auditorium, but in any other situation. Also one of the advantages I want to mention the bias toward interactive learning and lots of group projects. We often met in the library a group of representatives from Italy, England, China, Russia, South Africa, UAE and other countries and jointly wrote a course project or have formed a negotiating position on a government contract in the sphere of oil production. The teachers are actively practicing this form of training. In addition, a significant plus is the ability to select courses from an extensive list even when entering, you have the opportunity to learn something that is not interesting or not necessary, excluded.
EI: have You Experienced any difficulties in learning English? What level of English You had to start the program and where You studied it?
Upon receipt I was an English advanced level, so with the difficulties I encountered. I studied English from the first grade of the school and to the University continued. The Department of English at MGIMO do not leave opportunity to any student to know its bad.
EI: please Tell us about experiences from the University of reading.
With the University of reading I have only fond memories. The University was part of the University of Oxford since 1926, it received Autonomous status, but the fundamental nature of education has kept the old traditions. The University of reading covers a huge area, has a private Park and lake. But, of course, I was surprised not only that. At the University amazing atmosphere, which form the students with completely different background. For example, you can dine in the dining room is decorated with the stories of Joanne Rowling about Harry Potter and to discuss how to design a mechanical robot arm with a colleague at the University, what happens on the securities market with the guys from ICMA or MBA trends with students from the business school Henley.
EI: what, in Your opinion, the advantages of the program? Did You have a favorite subject? What did You like best? Who studied with You in the program at reading? Rich Lee was the student life in reading?
The dual degree program MGIMO for lawyers provided the opportunity to choose from two L. L. M programs at the University of reading: International Financial regulation and International Commercial Law. I chose the first.
The main advantage of the program this specialization. I was always attracted to international banking regulation, mergers and acquisitions and the legal regulation of oil and gas. The teachers helped me to examine these aspects in General terms, and spoke about the intricacies. Most any subject is the Legal Issues in Oil and Gas, who was my favorite teacher and the main expert in everything related to oil and gas, George Gere.
On the program I was studying with guys from all over the world: from Europe (Italy, England, Germany, France), Asia (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam), South America (Panama, Mexico), a lot of representatives from CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan).
Student life was very busy. Although work in London and a strong load in the school, always able to catch everything. At the University many different sections and groups ,ranging from various sports (rowing, Rugby, fencing), dancing, music and ending circles of anime fans, baking, movies, ale and for the protection of animals. Everyone can find something to your taste. Pleased that teachers are treated with understanding and approval to the stormy student's life and sometimes willing to share the fun with students.
EI: What are You doing now? Do You feel that Your education at MGIMO and University of Reading helped You in your career?
Now I work as a lawyer in a large law firm with a partner network around the world. A basic knowledge of English and Russian law, the English language and the ability to think and analyze, using comparative legal categories are key skills. Also acquired in the University of reading, communication skills with different people from different countries, different age, religion and cultural traditions are extremely important in international legal consulting.
In addition, it is impossible not to take into account networking. Dating and relationships acquired in the MGIMO and University of reading to help me constantly. For example, when I need advice on the law of Oman, Italy, Saudi Arabia or Panama, I can always turn to your friends. We communicate and help each other.
EI: Nikita, thank You very much for the interview! What would You like to say in closing to our readers?
Thank You! I will add that this double degree program is a great opportunity to get the best of Russian and European education. Highly recommend it to those who want "to cut the window to Europe" and to join the global legal and cultural community.

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