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A day in the life of students of the program of Economics at the University of York
A day in the life of students of the program of Economics at the University of York
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A day in the life of students of the program of Economics at the University of York

Wednesday, November 11 — 7th week of the first trimester

The academic year at the University of York consists of 3 trimesters of 10 weeks. The first trimester flew by, I can't believe there are only 3 and a half weeks until Christmas break, which in England lasted an entire month. (Yes, you read that right. A whole month). Today is the last day of lectures, but I have to finish a lot of recommended literature. In fact, everything is always behind schedule, so it's not so bad. And anyway, we students live with the constant feeling that something is not in time!

8:00 — Time to get up!

I Wake up and look out the window of his new small apartment downtown. The majority of students leaves the hostel in the summer after the first year. Around the city and next to York University many offers student housing and apartments screenings begin just after Christmas. Where and with whom to rent an apartment, everyone decides for himself. For example, I live with my boyfriend, but some of my classmates rent apartments for 10 people.

9:20 — I leave the house

After Breakfast I leave the house and go to the bus stop. But today there is no rain, I go to University on foot from the center of the city there can be reached in half an hour. Outside the window, passing picturesque autumn landscape. From downtown to the University there are two bus routes: 66 and 44. The buses run with a break of 6-7 minutes, which is very handy if you have to.

9:45 — Campus!

Prior to the beginning of my lecture for another 15 minutes, so I have time to reach the Department to get verified the work I passed a couple of weeks ago. Teachers, supervisors and Executive officers reside in the same building, but we students have to constantly move from one building to another on seminars and lectures. In the same building are the office of the supervisor, and support staff. At York University there is always someone to ask for help! Now I'm in a hurry in the audience on a two-hour lecture on microeconomics. The theme of this activity — monopolistic practices. Most of the lectures coincide with the contents of the textbook, but additional records are never superfluous :-)

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12:00 — Library

It's time to do homework, which today consists of assignments in econometrics and the tutorial. I also need to prepare for the seminar in German. Modules for languages not required, but it seems to me, do not miss the opportunity to bring in running in high school French or start to learn Italian before your next trip to Rome!

Resources in our library are endless, from books and journals to online databases. The most popular books are kept in several copies, in case students choose not to buy private and exclusive use of the library. I take a few I need textbooks and supplementary materials to better understand the topic. When recommended books is not enough, we must seek information from other sources.

13:00 — Lunch

Yay! With homework finished, I'm going to the student cafe in the library to eat. To eat here, you can quickly, tasty and inexpensive! And I've always wanted to go to a burrito bar in the Vanbrugh restaurant and try the vegan sandwiches here in the library. In addition, on the campus of the University of York there is a Costa coffee shop and YUSU Coffee, so for coffee to go far not necessary.

17:00 — Home

Time to go home! For fans to do at night the library is open around the clock, but I — the lark and like to study in the morning. Important thing in University life is to find your rhythm.

Text and photos taken from the official blog of the student from the University of York.

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