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10 common mistakes freshmen according to the University of Essex
10 common mistakes freshmen according to the University of Essex
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10 common mistakes freshmen according to the University of Essex

The first course will be one of the best times of your life — new friends, exciting opportunities and exciting activities. Many freshmen make the same mistakes, so the University of Essex reminded of the 10 major mistakes that you can avoid them.

1. To take unnecessary and useless things

Have no idea what to add in a suitcase, in the end, there is everything that caught my eye. Does this sound familiar? With you is to take only the most necessary, and four pairs of white sneakers are not included in this category. If you are not sure, make a list of things without which it is impossible to do, and take the opportunity to get rid of what exactly I never will.

2. Not know anything about the new place of residence before the start of classes

This is not a required item, but a) it is useful to know the place where you will live in the next few years, and b) it's a great way to meet neighbors and make friends. But it also means that you will know all the local cafes that are open at any time of the day and night, and interesting shops, where you can spend the time if its too much. And, watch the video below, you can arrange a tour of the campus of the University of Essex now.

3. To buy new textbooks

If we are not talking about specific discipline for which you need certain textbooks, etc., not to cost it would be naive to spend all their savings on a new book. Go to second-hand shops, marketplaces on the Internet (Ebay, Amazon) and buy the used editions. Part of the textbooks can also be find in free access or for free in the apple store or kindle. Many teachers download the recommended literature to the portals of distance learning (eg. Moodle), so if you only want an excerpt from the book, you can contact their Department in advance and ask him to provide.

4. Enter into every student of the University community

And how, in your opinion, can every week to fit in a visit to community rowing, archery, science fiction, Harry Potter, pylon and even (Yes, it exists) the community of wine lovers and cheese? Top universities in the UK usually have hundreds of different student organizations. For example, in the University of Essex you can make your choice between a 165 clubs, each of which will offer you something unique. Student clubs are a great way to find friends, but, signing up for student fair in everything, you need to understand what to do everything is impossible. Here's the e-mail from the endless emails with reminders better to keep. The best way is to think in advance what you like most and enroll there.

5. Not understand how to search the literature before writing a term paper

And again, this is not the end of the world, but a very useful skill that you should learn before you pull hard deadlines. Learn the principle of operation of the University library and how to search scientific papers. At some universities, librarians teach classes on how to use sources, or post this information on the website.

6. Too much fun and miss important

During the week of meeting with University students having fun and understand in the new space, however, in between all of the parties and fun are a few important things. Don't miss the introductory speech in the meeting at the Department and a tour of the library. And although it's boring, compared to the proposed recreational end of the semester you will not regret the time spent.

7. To panic if you haven't found your best friend for the week

Most likely in the first week you will learn and get acquainted with lots of people. Someone of them get to continue communication with someone — no. Don't worry if the people you met in the beginning of the semester were not your best friends. True friendship takes time, but with casual acquaintances can have a good time.

8. To sit in the room

Many universities, including the University of Essex to offer students with accommodation in comfortable hostels. The temptation is great — just moved to a new Dorm room you really want is there to hide and only go out to the kitchen for food, and then only when no one was there. But good relations with neighbors, though it is not always easy, will bring a lot of good during the year, and the company, which need never going.

9. Not count on the budget

If you spend at restaurants the first day of the week, the remaining time will have to cut absolutely everything. Plan your purchase wisely and try to save.

10. Not to take the first course seriously

Evaluation of the first course is not always included in the diploma, however this does not mean that you can relax. The first year at University will fly by, and you're a third year, regretting about the lack of base znani.

It is important to remember that, most likely, in the first year you will make mistakes, but not you. To start an independent life difficult for all, so don't hesitate to ask for help from friends and neighbors. Make mistakes, have a good time, and don't forget about a passing score.

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