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Honours: a degree British bachelor

The evaluation system for undergraduate programs at British universities usually includes examinations and preparation of coursework: essays, presentations, laboratory works, etc. Upon completion of training, graduates receive a diploma stating:

  1. obtained academic degree (e.g. bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, etc.);
  2. a degree (depends on the average score of the diploma, designed on the British system; is similar to the American GPA).

Unlike Russia, the UK circulated a few basic systems of calculating the average score, which are quite complex and, moreover, wide variations from institution to institution. Therefore, to translate the average score for the British diploma in other educational systems students seek help in specialized organizations. In most cases, when calculating the average score of the diploma in Britain, takes into account only the marks obtained at the undergraduate level, as well as scores for the most important work and exams.

Degree diplomas bachelor in the UK

Depending on the success of the completion of the bachelor degree program, diplomas of the British universities contain the following distinction (Honours):

Degree of distinction, eng. The degree of difference - transcript, Rus. Average grade, expressed in % % of graduates with degree of distinction*
First Class Honours (First / 1st / I) The first-class honours 70% — 100% 22 %
Upper Second Class Honours (2:1 / 2i / II-1) Unlike second class, upper level 60% — 69% 49,5 %
Lower Second Class Honours (2:2 / 2ii / II-2) Unlike second class, lower level 50% — 59% 23 %
Third Class Honours (Third / 3rd / III) Unlike the third level 40% — 49% 5,5%
Ordinary degree or Pass Ordinary degree, without honours below 40%
Fail Unsatisfactory Most of the grades in the diploma below the min. positive evaluation

*According to HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency)

Features degrees of distinction in Britain

A number of programs (e.g., medicine) does not involve the awarding of degrees with distinction and is designated as unclassified. The list of degrees that do not involve awarding of the differences you will find in the table with the transcript of the first degree of higher education in the UK.

In the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge the differences (honours) apply to examinations, not degrees. Cambridge assessment the final exam is usually considered the final classification of the degree. At Oxford the honours degree is determined on the basis of the results of the Final Honour School.

At some universities, candidates who successfully complete one or two years of training, but not the entire undergraduate program may be awarded a lower degree, e.g. Certificate of Higher Education or Higher National Certificate for one year of education or Diploma of Higher Education or Higher National Diploma for two years.

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