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Calendar of admission to US universities
Calendar of admission to US universities
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Calendar of admission to US universities

Admission to USA universities for a foreign student is a serious job that requires careful planning. Calendar of admission to American universities will help the students not to get lost in a sea of information, to plan their time and act efficiently.

Save it on your computer or print out and hang near your desktop is now your goal always before my eyes!

In the 18 months before enrolment – General information

  • The search programs and universities clarifying admission requirements.
  • Registration in the online application system to universities, clarification of the procedure for filing documents, deadlines.
  • Preparation tests TOEFL or IELTS, GRE, SAT or ACT and others, registration, payment.
  • Look for others who give recommendations, information gathering on how to write a motivation letter to the University.
  • As needed, search scholarships and grants in the United States, clarification of requirements, ask questions to representatives of universities at the exhibitions in person, via the website.
  • If they need to begin to prepare a portfolio.

12 to 14 months – the choice of programs and universities

  1. Choose 3-5 universities in the United States, where to go.
  2. Gather all the information about these universities, to weigh "for" and "against", consider carefully the reasons why you want to study in these universities on specific programs and goals plan to achieve. This will form the basis of a motivation letter which you will write later.
  3. Details to know about the programs, the items that you will learn about the system of calculation of credit hours and grades, to understand how to make a good schedule.
  4. Carefully check the deadlines for submitting applications, proceedings of the universities for admission, deadlines for receiving responses. In universities with a floating period of consideration of applications can begin to send documents!
  5. To pass the tests. If the result is not satisfied, there's time to prepare and retake.

10-12 months – receipt

  1. Check with the University information on program and admission: the cost, terms, standard entrance tests to master's USA and a bachelor, and an exam on the spot.
  2. To request from the institution all forms of documents for filling. Many universities send students for free Pre-application form in which you specify the points the passed programs and courses, scores on GPA, GRE, TOEFL, research interests, etc. If the admissions Committee will well appreciate this predstavku, he will send the proposal to start the formal process of admission.
  3. To solve financial issues: universities require a financial guarantee for the first year of training, however, expensive programs with a large number of applicants to the place may require guarantees for the duration of the training.
  4. Prepare and submit a motivational essay, recommendations to the University from supervisor, transcripts. The content of the motivational messages and recommendations is of great weight to admissions, so they need to pay close attention.
  5. Prepare and send official electronic application in US universities.
  6. To receive responses from the selected universities.
  7. Confirm the selected University which sent a positive response to the request, their decision to study in it.

3 months – preparation for the move

  1. Apply for American student visa, if the response received from the University and you, in turn, confirmed the University's final decision to study in it.
  2. To take care of medical insurance.
  3. To take care of housing – as a rule, freshmen are required to live on campus, the universities guarantee their place, but this issue needs to be monitored to obtain living conditions that are tailored to the expectations of the student.
  4. To order the tickets.
  5. To take care of the moving and settling, your first days in a new place.

In the process of admission, you will have many doubts. Don't hesitate to ask questions of our consultants directly, or in American universities, presented on our site, because they always have the latest and complete information and it's free! Their advice and recommendations will be very useful, will help to avoid erroneous actions and decisions and will save you a lot of time and effort.

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Good luck!