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How to submit an online application for a bachelor's in the U.S.
How to submit an online application for a bachelor's in the U.S.
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How to submit an online application for a bachelor's in the U.S.

When completing the applicants applications for admission to bachelor degree in USA it is common practice to use automated systems that allow you to apply online to multiple colleges and universities. It's much easier than complete applications in each University separately.

The most common in the United States system for filing applications with the universities Common Application, abbreviated CA. Today it represents over 500 educational institutions.

About the Common Application

System SA was founded in 1975 and is used by over 500 American universities, mostly private, and most public schools apply their own processing program for admission.

The program has long been used in higher education, therefore the majority of members of the selection Committee are familiar with it. CA is starting on 1 August – a month later than the other known in the U.S. the application system to universities - UCA.

What information about yourself provided by the applicant

Common Application collects information about the applicants so universities could fully evaluate the candidate for admission. Applicant must provide:

  • transcript - a statement of the passing of the subjects and marks for them
  • scores for language tests TOEFL, IELTS;
  • scores for standardized tests SAT, ACT;
  • information about extracurricular activities and recommendations.

It is important to note that adding to the system an essay and recommendations subsequently saves a lot of time and greatly simplifies the process of sending documents.

Features SA

In 2014, launched a new version of the system SA. Students using the program, noted a number of disadvantages:

  • Slow work.
  • The complexity of the new interface. For example, academic titles and extracurricular activities are now making in special tables that are difficult to find in the program. Also the formatting of the essay became less clear.
  • The lack of AutoSave function – you have to keep in mind the need to save data manually.
  • The inability to edit the essay after you send it.
  • The lack of free format of writing essay. Five standard templates essay advantage and disadvantage of the system. Although they cover a large number of options, the situation may arise that the topic of your motivational letters will not fall into any of the templates.

In addition, the system handles hundreds of thousands of applications in 2013-14 there were more than 800 000 and the number of technical staff is limited. Troubleshooting can take quite a lot of time, so you should be cautious to use the system, like if the deadlines for the submission of applications.

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