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From anyone need recommendations to a student in a master's degree in a foreign University?

Most universities in the UK requires the submission of two letters of recommendation from a teacher, administrator or head of programme, faculty or Institutein which the student has received (receives) the first higher education. This is called a letter of recommendation – academic recommendation – Academic Reference.

>> Profile the ideal Recommender is a teacher

Candidates who have experience of six months and above, often allowed to submit to the University the second recommendation letter from a representative of the University in which the applicant held the first higher education, and from the head, in submission, which he has worked. Recommendation from the head of the called – professional – Professional Reference. If you come to the master's programme in the area close to the one in which you have professional experience, you should find out the University in which you are doing, whether they will accept to consider a 2nd letter of recommendation from your employer. Professional experience developed in the professional recommendation is usually an additional argument in favor of the applicant.

>> Profile of the ideal sponsor – head

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