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Admission to the University first to obtain a higher education

Pre-University education in the UK lasts 13 years, the last 2 of which are specialized training in the University. The results of these two years, the graduates take exams called A-Levels, or equivalent. As secondary education in CIS countries lasts less, then the Certificate of complete secondary education is not enough to apply to universities in the UK.

There are various ways to "get" the missing years of schooling for admission to universities in the UK. This can be done in the UK (A-levels, Foundation, International Baccalaureate), and in his country (International Baccalaureate, universities at home).

Foundation Program

Programme A-levels and IB

Usually teachers and psychologists recommend to begin the education abroad at the age of 10-13 years, so the child has time to fully adapt to the education system, language and culture. However, if the idea of a University in the UK came to You late, You also have all the chances of success.

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