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Education in England after school and before University

After the completion of compulsory secondary education graduates of British schools receive a General certificate of secondary education (GCSE) or equivalent documents and, by law, can begin work or enroll in a vocational College. The difficulty for Russian students is that the British certificate of secondary education (in contrast to the Russian passport) are not eligible for admission to higher educational institutions.

Therefore, most students prefer to continue their education at the so-called programs of the sixth type (sixth-form) – two programs of preparation for admission to universities, with the aim of completing A level (A-level), which is required for admission to the UNIVERSITY. Accordingly, graduates of 11 classes of Russian students may need to fill in those missing 2 years. How? – Enrolling in training programs, among which the most popular are the following:

  • Foundation,Program
  • Program Сertificate Higher National (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND),
  • Programs leading to a diploma of higher education (DipHE).

Foundation Program

Programme degree Foundation Degree offered by British universities and colleges of higher education programmes further education leading to a degree of higher education, but lower in comparison with bachelor degree. These programs combine academic training with practical exercises and the equivalent of the first two years of the bachelor. They are professionally-oriented and provide the student the necessary basic knowledge and skills that will allow him to work successfully in the chosen area, including art and design, media, applied engineering science, etc.

The second function of such programs, primarily for international students is the addition of foreign secondary education (including English language) and preparation for entry into a British UNIVERSITY. Some universities offer special courses – University International Foundation Year is aimed at the development of foreign students the knowledge and skills – linguistic and/or academic – that they lack for admission to programs of higher education in the UK.

Thus, the Foundation program can serve as a good start for a professional career, and the first step on the path of higher education in the UK.

Programme Higher National Сertificate / Higher National Diploma

Similar functions to carry out the programmes leading to Higher National Сertificate (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND). This is a one - or two-year vocational programmes, equivalent to the first year of bachelor's studies. Such programs exist in many areas, including engineering Sciences, sport, art and design, media, music technology. Upon successful completion, the graduate can begin a career on the level of a Junior Manager or to use the “top-up” – to transfer to the second or third year undergraduate and continuing education.

Programs leading to DipHE

Programs leading to a diploma of higher education (DipHE) is a two-year training program, usually related to social Sciences such as education, theology, social work. They are the perfect start for students wishing to start a career in these areas or planning continued studies at the University in these areas.

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