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The opinion of Hadrian on the preparatory programme in the UK
The opinion of Hadrian on the preparatory programme in the UK
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The opinion of Hadrian on the preparatory programme in the UK

EI: hi, Adrian! Tell us a little about yourself (Where are you from? How old are you?). What motivated you to study abroad and why you chose the UK?

Hello! I am originally from Moscow, I am 23 years old. I wanted to know about the atmosphere and culture in another country. This was the reason why I chose to study in England. Well, I just wanted to get higher education in an English University.

EI: How did you enter University?

I entered the University through the ISC Study Group. Program me very well prepared for University, because teachers are always helped and, if I was not clear, explained everything - I helped in the writing of term papers and exams. I studied Business Management and Media, Communication and Culture. I already knew English before University, but at the International Study Center, I significantly improved it. Without a doubt, the subjects that I studied, helped me learn new words, learn how to construct sentences and communicate with English and international students improved my communication skills in English.

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EI: was it Difficult to enter the International Foundation programme? Please tell us a little bit about the admission process and how much time it took.

Relatively difficult. Of course, for admission to the program requires certain assessments, but as I passed, Study Group, I did relatively quickly. Most of the time, of course, is the visa in 3 or 4 weeks depending on what you need documents. If we talk about the process of admission to International Year One, I can say that this requires the evaluation of schools and the results of your IELTS, all will be sent to the Study Group.

EI: what undergraduate program are you enrolled/at the end of the preparatory program? Do you think that training in the preparatory program helped you in further education?

I enrolled in Business Management and Media, Communication and Culture. Yes, the program really helped me in further study at University! I learned to allocate their time to work in a team, find information in books and on the Internet, became more responsible.

EI: What did you do in your free time? Whether you adapted in the country? Was there any difficulty (approx. culture shock, language barrier, learning, everyday problems)?

It depended on the training period, if at the time there were exams or I wrote a term paper, then spent time in my room, worked and studied. If I had just free time, I spent it with friends (BBQ's, movies, etc.). Student life is very diverse, and the University provides plenty of entertainment.

EI: the Most motivating event that happened to you during the study?

During the study we have with fellow students was the main goal - to finish University, get high education and to put on the prom gown. The most motivating, what was while studying is a path to the goal I wanted to reach the end.

EI: please Give me advice to freshmen: just do not need to do student in the UK?

Well, not exactly skip seminars because they are very important, and not to copy the information exactly to a tee for the writing course.

EI: Thank you very much for the interview Adrian! What would you like to say in closing to our readers?

Thank you! Finally, I say, always go for their dreams and goals and never look back! If you want/are thinking about enrolling in University in UK, I strongly advise you to go!

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