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A student from Ukraine master degree at Aston University
A student from Ukraine master degree at Aston University
  • 1998

A student from Ukraine master degree at Aston University

How did You start your business?

On the day of the release of the first iPhone in 2007, we saw an opportunity to help people become more productive and efficient, to abandon the use of paper and help the environment. My brother and two friends came up with the idea to create a system for organizing files/reading app for iPhone.

We now know that it was a great idea! The app "ReaddleDocs" is available for download in the AppStore since its opening. It quickly became popular, and due to the success at the early stage of our business began to develop actively. "Readdle" immediately became a landmark app for iOS in the sections on business and productivity and has reached the top of the leaderboards AppStore.

The mobile application market is very specific. To connect with people and businesses that may have an impact on consumers and tell the world about Your product, is extremely difficult. That is why it is extremely important to do this as early as possible — we were able to agree on advertising with O'reilly, BBC, Bloomberg, Cnet, Gizmodo, USA Today and several other companies.

What benefits for yourself and your business You have learned from training in Aston University?

In the University of Aston I got the most important skills of successful management: the ability to create a network of business contacts, as well as analysis skills. This year has given me a great deal. I met hundreds of people, became the representative of the course and the head of the Marketing community. Despite the fact that the course was quite difficult, I was able to chat with new people and meet new cultures. Honestly, I would like to be a student at the University of Aston more than a year!

I believe that this University gives students a lot, both on a personal and educational level. Teachers and staff were extremely helpful and enthusiastic, they are always interested in my thoughts and opinions. I liked to communicate with teachers with experience in business — they gave useful tips and comments about my company.

As of now things are going at Your business and do You like to be an entrepreneur?

Recently, "Readdle" was four years old, and we already have many reasons to be proud. Today our app is helping more than 3.5 million active users in the world.

Despite his success, we always strive to improve your business and make it something new. Recently we have launched another app — "Card Scanner Pro" which was in second place of the list of the most popular apps for business in the United States 24 hours after the release.

The situation when you are your own boss, of course, is much different from working in a large company. I think it is both difficult and interesting. To be a successful entrepreneur needs self-organization, motivation, dedication and ability to quickly adapt to the situation, as well as common way of looking at things and striving for success.

*Material provided by the University of Aston, the full interview can be read on the official website of the University.

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