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How to choose a British UNIVERSITY to prospective masters and PhD students

Where better to do it in Oxford or in Cambridge? For a person, think about continuing education in the UK, but does not delve into the topic, often a question is formulated that way. Actually, the offer is enormous – in the UK more than 700 universities, more than 100 of which are called universities, annually producing world-class specialists in 1300 subject areas. Quality and informed choice of school will allow you to get the most from the unique British education and life in this interesting country. So, to business!

The main criteria when choosing a University

Research specialties of the University

Research specialization of the University is determined by the quality of its research projects. Their assessment - Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) every 4 years is done by expert groups on the instructions of the British government. Indicator research specialization is not critical for the choice of University at bachelor level, because it almost does not affect the quality of teaching. However, the level of master and above, especially if it is a research degree, it is becoming more and more weighty, if not decisive, role. History and a big name University does not mean its leadership in all subject areas. For example, in the most popular among Russians, sent to study in Britain is the subject area "Business and management", Oxford is not on the first and fifth position. But first place belongs to London Business School. Research position of UK universities in various subject disciplines here.

The Ranking Of The University

The position of the University in the popular rankings can be a useful hint, but we must not forget that the ratings are quite subjective. Although their construction is only used official statistics, the criteria for the evaluation of Universities and methods of information processing are different. The position of the same University in different rankings is likely to be different, and some reputable educational institutions and does not fall into the ratings, like the Royal Academy of music because of their specialization. Whatever the position of the University in rankings, it is important to remember that no University can be equally strong in all areas. Among the most popular ratings include:

Types of programs offered

Proposed program content can be divided into several types: training, research, professionally-oriented and all sorts of combined, incorporating elements from all the previous ones. Have programs with similar names can be very different content. The student may be interested in the program, including an internship in the industry or organization, which is established only at a few Universities, and to work on the project, it may need a unique material base, we offer a small number of Universities. Graduate research programs are often unable to choose a theme of your own, and join the already running research group. Those who want to learn has undeniable advantages and is rapidly gaining popularity programs cycle The New Route PhD will initially be to choose from a relatively small number of universities that have this program. Selection of English of the University can be done here.

The cost of education

The cost of training and the possibility of obtaining scholarships sometimes are one of the key selection criteria. The cost of training depends on the location of the University and its prestige. Training in all universities pay, however, it is possible to partially or fully offset the cost with scholarships. Scholarships to Universities are assigned in relation to specific programs and are given on a competitive basis. Some scholars have the opportunity to work with a degree, which gives not only additional funds but also valuable for career experience. In this case a work permit is not required as the student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours a week. Read more about the cost of higher education in UK universities.

The Location Of The University

The location of the University determines not only the way and the cost of living, availability of historical monuments and events, but also can affect employment prospects or the opportunity to undergo practical training during their studies. Examples are numerous. The South of England attracts with its mild climate and good weather. Very prestigious is the life and study in London, although the costs are significantly higher than in other parts of the country. Traditionally, the industry is concentrated in the center and in the North of England that it is important to consider students of the corresponding specialties, engaged in applied research or interested in the practice during the study.

>> the universities of England (excluding London)
>> the universities of London
>> the universities of Scotland
>> the universities of Wales
>> the universities in Northern Ireland

The Type Of High School

The type of College also affects the way of life, living conditions, leisure, and self-study. There are three types of Universities campus universities, collegiate and city. Campus universities (e.g. Essex) are in rural areas far from cities, are equipped with dormitories, libraries, stores, allowing you to minimize time on the road or dealing with domestic issues. Collegiate universities (Oxford, Cambridge) consists of a number of self-governing colleges. Colleges have their own territory and include residential facilities for students and teachers, dining room, library and Lounges. Most of the Universities is the universities in major cities (Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester). Examples of such universities are located in London Roehampton and located in Birmingham Aston University. As a rule, they provide housing to freshmen, which is very important at the initial stage. But on the second or third year of study, many already prefer to settle privately.

Making a decision about admission, collect as much information about your University: learn about student and career services, events, leisure, clubs, alumni, history and traditions. Try to get an idea about what is waiting for You in the first weeks upon arrival. Universities have a huge experience of counselling and assistance to newly arrived foreign students, making the adaptation to life in the country as painless as possible.

In Britain, more than 100 universities. So which do You prefer? Start Your search in the full directory of universities in the UK.

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