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The choice of the program of post-graduate studies

Postgraduate study in the UK – the programme for the degree of PhD and its analogues belong to the so-called post-graduate (Postgraduate) degrees in higher education.

In General, such programs are equivalent to the Russian postgraduate programs. However, in terms of requirements and quality research, postgraduate study in the UK tends to be Russian doctoral studies. This feature allows Russian students to get a high research degree that is globally recognized, having studied at one (and not two, as in Russia) postgraduate programmes.

Doctoral programs at British universities are divided into:

  • traditional research programmes (PhD, DPhil),
  • the program combines research activities with training and practice (New Route PhD)
  • professionally-oriented programmes (DBA, DEng, DEd) as well as
  • the programs leading to the PhD degree as a result of the outstanding professional work (PhD by Practice, PhD by Publication).

According to the method of learning You can choose between full-time (full-time), part-time, evening (part-time) or remote form.

The training period varies from 3 to 7 years.
The most popular degree, awarded upon completion of doctoral programmes in British universities Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, DPhil), New Route PhD, Professional Doctorates (DEng, DEd, DBA, DClinPsych), PhD by Practice (PhD, DMus, AMusD), PhD by Publication).

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