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Participate in contests within the framework of Education UK and to win courses in the UK!
Participate in contests within the framework of Education UK and to win courses in the UK!
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Participate in contests within the framework of Education UK and to win courses in the UK!

The contest "school of the future"

In anticipation of the Exhibition of British education and the "Week of science in Russian schools", the British Council, together with the Diary.ru is holding a contest of projects "school of the future". The main prize – two weeks of teaching English in summer school Brooke House College in July-August of 2018, with paid travel and accommodation.

To participate in the contest students aged 12-17 years groups Journal.ru the British Council in Vkontakte. For this, they need to offer the project, telling about how will look like the school in the future (say 100 years). How will the study process, as advanced technology and scientific developments will affect the learning process? Will the architecture of the buildings, the design of classrooms, duration of training, school uniforms which will be a new discipline, and textbooks, what will be the new teacher? All this can be told in any format. In the form of a presentation (in PDF format), video, poster, newspaper.

Your work (or link to it), you must prepare for Russian language in the period from 8 to 29 September 2017 inclusive.

Contest My Inner Genius

British Council in cooperation with LiveJournal in the framework of the 19-th exhibition of British education Study UK: Discover You and the all-Russian "week of science in Russian schools" holds among the users of LiveJournal challenge-My Inner Genius ("My inner genius") on the best ideas for science inventions.

The winner will have the opportunity over 4 weeks in training English language program applied linguistics Applied Linguistics Warwick the University of Warwick. And 10 finalists will be awarded valuable prizes from the partners.

The task of the competition:

Need to come up with the idea useful to society invention and slogan to it. The idea of the invention can relate to any areas of knowledge, whether physics, astrophysics, biology, chemistry, medicine, information technology, artificial intelligence, design, etc.

Entries must contain:

  • Text description of the ideas of your invention in English. Welcome, if the text is promotional in nature – that is, the text and sell the invention, than it is more interesting, the more chances to win.
  • Slogan for your invention in English.

The contest results announcement and awarding of winners of competition will take place on 19-th Exhibition of British education Study UK: Discover You 7-8 October 2017

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