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What profession to abroad

The most popular and promising profession in the Netherlands

Today the most popular and promising in the near future profession connected with key sectors of the Dutch economy. These include:

Lecturer at University of East Anglia about the universal employability skills

Roger Baines talks about generic employability skills and their vital role in the career of foreign students on the example of MA program o...

Business education abroad

For many years business education enjoys a high demand. The secret of his demand is simple – the business school improve the professional l...

The legal profession abroad

Tips practicing attorney and lecturer in law at Birkbeck, University of London

Interview with University Professor and a practicing lawyer, specializing in human rights and international law by bill Bowring.

How to increase your chances of becoming a lawyer in the UK?

To increase your chances of getting a job as a lawyer, take seriously the choice of University. You should pay attention to such factors as...

How long is the training for the profession of a practising lawyer of foreign students?

Foreign students wishing to practise law in the UK must undergo the same stages as the graduates of the British schools. If the candidate a...

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Profession doctors abroad

How to prepare for admission to a foreign University for a medical specialty

Admission to foreign medical faculties is quite challenging, and candidates need to start preparing as early as possible

Okoloogilise specialty in the UK

In practice to enroll in medical schools of great Britain extremely difficult, especially for applicants from other countries. However, in ...

What programs in medicine and health care there at British universities?

Medical universities in the UK offer education on a wide range medicinskih specialties. In addition to the standard areas, such as medicine...

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Creative profession abroad

How to prepare for admission into the creative program?

To go to a prestigious foreign University for the creative profession is a complex task. Learn how to increase your chances of success and ...

Portfolio for admission into a program architecture

For successful admission to the programme of architecture must provide a portfolio with your works. How to create a successful portfolio an...

The faculty of art and design Bath SPA University

The faculty of art and design Bath SPA University is known worldwide for impeccable quality and high demand of its graduates. Students of t...

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