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Diploma Aston University is one of the best ways to increase your salary
Diploma Aston University is one of the best ways to increase your salary
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Diploma Aston University is one of the best ways to increase your salary

5 years after graduation, graduates of Aston University earn almost £3 000 more than expected. Such data are cited by The Economist in its new rankings, where the University ranked second in the UK. From a financial point of view, the Aston University diploma is valued more than certificates of Oxford, Cambridge and universities in the elite "Russell group".

Aston University is making greater efforts to increase the salaries of graduates than most British universities, according to the prestigious magazine The Economist.

Compare the actual and expected salaries of graduates, the editors of The Economist found that former students of Aston University 5 years after graduation receive an average of £2 966 more than expected.

In conclusion of the conducted research, the editors pondered the real value of education in the most elite universities in the country. The Economist writes: "the Results show that the degree of the most famous University is not always a guarantee of success. Perhaps we should not strive for entry to elite universities, because a significant part of their success is due to the high requirements. Training at the universities of Portsmouth and Aston could be cheaper than Oxford and Cambridge".

The published analysis is based on comparison of actual and expected salaries of graduates. When estimating expected wages took into account the direction of learning, the results of final examinations at school, age, family income, studied whether the graduate in a private or public school, as well as the location of the University.

Rector of Aston University Professor Alec Cameron, said: "As identified in the study, the success of the University depends on the level of incoming. Our University traditionally attracts talented students, (regardless of the income status of their families) who are willing to work hard for a successful career in the future. We took a leading position in this ranking because of the career prospects of graduates is our priority. About 70% of the undergraduate students of the University of Aston are trained and practice during training. We regularly discuss the course content with employers, to ensure that the skills that get students that are in demand on the labour market. That's why four out of five graduates find work in their specialty or continue their education within six months after graduation".

The result of published studies is another confirmation of one of the slogans of the University, graduates of Aston University earn more.

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