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How to do masters in USA
How to do masters in USA
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How to do masters in USA

American universities offering graduate degrees may be called universities, colleges, institutes or schools, but traditionally the second stage of higher American education called University. List of US universities here.

General admission requirements to master's in USA

The American educational system is decentralized, and therefore each University has their own rules of admission. However, you can highlight standard requirements that apply to students almost all the universities.

1. A bachelor's degree. If You have a bachelor or a specialist from a University recognized in Your country, it will be enough to apply.

2. Subject knowledge. Academic report with marks for all courses in undergraduate subjects and the average score of the diploma GPA is one of the most important documents for admission to graduate school. American universities often welcome change specialties during the transition from undergraduate to graduate school. Thus, the biologist can start to study philosophy, and the musician jurisprudence. However, some professions, such as medicine, engineering, biochemistry, require their applicants previous education in the same specialty or a high level of knowledge in certain subjects.

To confirm this knowledge in most American admissions officers use the results of standardized tests. There are several types of standardized tests for admission: GRE, which tests General knowledge, and specialized tests for graduate - for example, GRE-subjects, GMAT and others.

3. Knowledge of English, confirmed with certificate of TOEFL or IELTS.

4. Strong motivation and extracurricular achievements. Verified motivational essays. Some States may also nominate the age barrier for admission to the master's - as a rule, it is 18 years old.

The procedure and deadlines in US universities

Training on master's programs at American universities starts twice a year: in August-September and January-February. See the program graduate of US universities here.

In many universities the deadline - about six months before the start of classes. Usually the selection Committee review applications as they are received and immediately offer their favourite students. Accordingly, the later you apply, the less free places remain on the faculty. In your calendar, admission to the US University , you must make three key dates:

  • deadlines for submitting documents to the universities
  • the deadline for scholarships
  • deadlines for the tests (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE)

As a rule, the list of required documents is as follows:

1. Academic report with scores on all items and a certified copy of the diploma about the first higher education -if you have not yet graduated, you need help from the Dean's office with the expected end date.

2. Motivation letterin which you explain why are a suitable candidate for the program and talk about their professional and academic plans.

3. Letters of recommendation from teachers, employers and colleagues. As a rule, for admission to the master's degree requires three recommendations from people who know You from a professional point of view, for example, supervisor.

4. The results of standardized tests: required TOEFL or IELTS, on – demand GRE or specialized tests for graduate programs in certain disciplines. Be prepared for the fact that the sending of statements and filling out questionnaires can take a lot of time. Responses from universities will start coming in an average month.

Good luck!

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