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Tests for admission to graduate school USA
Tests for admission to graduate school USA
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Tests for admission to graduate school USA

Most universities and colleges when applying for graduate programs require one or more of the following tests:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL is a mandatory test for admission to the master's program of the United States to determine the level of English proficiency. Some universities also accept the results of the British IELTS exam. Read more about IELTS, TOEFL and other tests of English language for admission and study, read here.
  • Graduate Record Examinations, GRE General test for admission to master's on both the humanitarian and scientific and mathematical specialty. The test widely used by universities around the world: its students from 160 countries. Test includes verbal, quantitative and analytical sections, it seems on the computer or writing on paper by hand.
  • Test Graduate Record Examinations in the subjects: English literature, biology, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, mathematics, psychology, physics, chemistry. Tests in subjects not required, but may be required depending on the program. The provision of the results of such tests in addition to the core GRE can positively influence the admissions decision. The cost of GRE test on the subjects here.
  • Graduate Management Admission Test, GMAT test for admission to business schools and MBA. Read more about it, we told here.
  • Law School Admission Testing Program, the LSAT is required for admission to most American law schools. It assesses the skills necessary to prepare for a successful lawyer: comprehension, ability of logical reasoning and analytical thinking student.
  • Medical College Admission Test MCAT is a mandatory test for admission in medical schools of America. It assesses the ability to solve problems, the development of critical thinking, knowledge of the Sciences necessary for future physician and scientific Outlook in General. Students of medical universities of America pass this test for more than 80 years.
  • Dental Admission Testing Program, DAT – test, which was developed and implemented for future colleagues American dental Association. Includes blocks of questions in the natural Sciences, perception skills and processing of information, comprehension of text and figures. Sometimes the test is preceded by a section explaining the work order and completes a questionnaire.
  • Pharmacy College Admission Test PCAT – test for future pharmacists.
  • Optometry Admission Testing Program OAT – optometric test to future ophthalmologists, specialists in the selection of glasses and other optics. This is a standard test that is conducted by the optometric Association of schools and colleges of the United States.

Some universities may require you to undergo additional tests – for example, to assess the applicant's knowledge on a particular subject, to determine the initial level of training. In addition, many universities require applicants to pass its own specially designed tests.

For foreign students enrolling in U.S. institutions of higher education through training programmes Pathway. One of the advantages of the program is that during the learning Pathway students prepare and pass the required exam SAT / GMAT / GRE in the United States. Read more about the benefits of Pathway programs , please click here.