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A graduate of Berkeley College about studying in new York
A graduate of Berkeley College about studying in new York
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A graduate of Berkeley College about studying in new York

EI: hi, Catherine! Tell us a little about yourself (Where are you from? How old are you?). What motivated you to study abroad and why did you chose USA?

Hi! My name is Kate, now I am 20 years old and for three years I lived in new York. After finishing school in Chelyabinsk, I decided to continue my education in America, as it has always been my dream. My parents supported my decision and we began our search for a suitable University.

EI: how did you hear about Berkeley Collegе? What was important to you when choosing a school and why you chose Berkeley College?

I dreamed about studying in new York, so the choice is Berkeley seemed most natural. Besides, I really liked the program marketing communications and the ability to finish the bachelors in 2 and a half years, thus saving money and time. Now I'm 20 and I've finished University, have a diploma in marketing, can do anything from advertising to graphic design, or continue my education without feeling that I have little time to achieve my goals and realize my dreams.

EI: was it Difficult to enroll in College? Tell us about your experience.

To do for me was not difficult. Of course, it was exciting, for example I was very afraid I can not pass the toefl, because my English was not so good, but deep down I knew I will succeed, I choose the right path. I think the most important thing, to be sure that everything will work out and be rest assured choice.

EI: what program are you studying? What are your impressions of the program? What do you like best?

I graduated from Berkeley College in marketing communications program for 2 and a half years, was very proud. Not many can boast. To study I liked, of course, as in any University, academic Berkeley has its pros and cons. But my deep belief that anyone who wants to obtain good knowledge, will get them, and those who no, and that complaining will not achieve anything.
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EI: What do you do in your free time? Tell us a little about it.

As soon as I started my training, I decided that the loan is active in the life of my College, and everyone will know who I am. I started playing for the University tennis team and began working at the College, so a lot of free time I had. I continued to do what always loved photography and drawing. Now the walls of my College is covered with my drawings and I know that left a mark in the history of my College.

EI: Tell us a little bit about new York. What are the pros and cons you see for yourself? What choices of accommodation do you choose? Far from the University? Was it difficult for you to adapt in the city?

Your way in America, I started living in white Plains, which is located 30 minutes from new York. Berkeley provided me with housing on campus, and since the hostel was in white Plains, I decided to live 30 minutes from the city centre, not such a bad option. It is the accommodation on campus has helped me to better adapt to the new environment. I'm incredibly lucky with my roommates, who immediately became my friends. With campus, I relate the most memorable events and stories. The classes I had in white Plains and new York, so I was not bored or felt that living away from real life. To adapt in new York is not easy. It is difficult to find friends. So I think that to start your way from the hostel in a smaller town, the decision is correct.

Now I live in Manhattan, fully adapted to the rhythm of life,and I think that if I immediately start to live in Central new York, it would be more difficult.

EI: the Most motivating event that happened to you during the study?

Happened to me a huge number of motivating events. I've met people who have become my real inspiration. I stayed in Chelyabinsk, I would not exist. Still I look at my city (and now I confidently call new York my) admiration of the tourist and never cease to be grateful for the life I live now.

EI: please Give me advice to freshmen: just do not need to do student in the US? ☺

The Board I have is a little odd, and perhaps not suitable for everyone. Try to communicate less with their compatriots. Many foreign students do this, in my opinion, the mistake close to his inner circle. Since my arrival I only had one Russian friend. To communicate in English, to be open to people of different nationalities and religions, the most important in light adaptation. My best friend was born in Somalia. My best friend has lived all his life in Stockholm. Albania, Germany, Korea, China, and this is not a complete list of countries where my friends come from. New York is the place where completely different people come together and become friends. To close and only speak their language to love America will not help you.

EI: Thank you so much for this interview! What would you like to say in closing to our readers?

Finally, I would like to say that fear nothing. It's like swimming, if you don't dive with a head, and will hang near the shore, only to freeze and get angry.
In new York you can be anyone and no one will judge. And as and any city, your life depends on you. Will sour, and life will be dull. And if you open to new things, then life will surprise you and bring something you previously never thought, new York a perfect place for that.

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