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Business boom in Gelderland supports the initiatives of HAN

Innovations in the field of ecology: biological treatment

GelderlandOpens in a new window actively seeking to "green" economy model, which considers waste as a new raw material. HAN University also pays great attention to the creation of a sustainable development strategy for citizens and businesses. To this end, the University offers the following educational programs in this field.

Specialization "Sustainable energy and environment" includes a draft "Biological treatment", providing for the processing of plant waste (also known as "biomass"). The staff and students of the programs "Chemistry (full-time)", "Biology and medical analysis (full-time)" and "Chemistry (part-time)" to order companies are trying to distinguish waste from useful components and reuse them.

"It would be great if we could completely recycle waste as raw material for production. Today we are trying the most efficient use of available raw materials, and less dependent on oil, which is now mainly used as material in the manufacture of chemical substances", says Karin Jet head of the project on processing of "Biorefinery" center "BioCentre" and Institute of Applied Biological Sciences and Chemistry, University of HAN.

Biological waste treatment

Photo: Pixabay

Resource depletion and increased carbon dioxide levels only add to the importance of the efforts to develop a substitute for oil. The large role played by such technological prototypes of the University as a "Biorefinery".

Business in HAN

Entrepreneurship development is one of the priorities of the HAN. Many graduates begin their career in the companies, but part of them becoming independent entrepreneurs. The first University of applied Sciences, HAN, founded the "Center for entrepreneurship" and is implementing major projects to stimulate commercial activities.

Among them — the project "valorising Gelderland"Opens in a new window, headed by representatives of the University, also awarded as the best in the EU.

Commented Geert Jan Sweers, coordinator of the project "valorising Gelderland": "I am extremely proud that in our region there are many initiatives to support entrepreneurship. Due to this, he was recognized as the best in the EU. This trend perfectly complements the desire of the HAN to develop business!"

Startups are created in the HAN

HAN is actively cooperating with representatives of the region in the framework of the project for the development of startups "Startup Gelderland". The University also helps Fund new businesses. Every year about 10 students and recent graduates receive a voucher for 2 500 € start their own business. In addition, students get advice on starting your own business, from more than 300 experts objawienia "Young In Business" (YIB).

An example of a successful startup, open the programme, can be considered a "Volta Energy"created Roialem Blumer. While training at the Faculty of mechanical Engineering he developed a power supply system for remote areas based on solar panels and energy storage. In 2017, the year Roel received the prize for"Best startup founder".

Comments on Roel the Blumer: "I was pleasantly surprised, as employees of the University regularly offer students support in their projects. When you need help, everyone is willing to provide it. Representatives of YIB and the Center of support of business of the University helped me in everything."

Programs devoted to entrepreneurship

HAN University offers students different ways of learning about entrepreneurship. The list includes additional specialization "Dive into entrepreneurship" (300 students annually), the creation of Student Companies (500 students 8 programs per year) or the program "Entrepreneurship and retail Management".

Students in this course get the opportunity to start my own business while training, which is an important part of the program in the second year. With the additional of theoretical and practical courses and master classes, students have no shortage of business ideas. And with the help of University teachers and business representatives they can bring their plans to life.