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The most popular and promising profession in the Netherlands
The most popular and promising profession in the Netherlands
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The most popular and promising profession in the Netherlands

Today the most popular and promising in the near future profession is connected with those sectors of the Dutch economy that the Dutch government has announced a key. These include:

  • Creative industry — all types of design, visual communication and television, the creation of video games and shows. The income from this sector is currently 3 % of Dutch GDP.
  • Chemical industry — of the 25 leading companies in the world, 19 are in the Netherlands.
  • Energy — Dutch oil processing industry is the largest in Europe; in the Netherlands, is one of the largest gas fields in the world; also the country is actively developed and used alternative sources of energy.
  • Agriculture and food industry to obtain high yields in the conditions of a harsh climate and an artificially created land and soil of the Dutch farmers could largely thanks to the breeding work, the active mechanization, continuous development and introduction of high technologies and, of course, public support.
  • The horticulture industry, which is developing in close cooperation of business, science and high technology. Holland is one of the largest suppliers of flowers, plants, seeds, horticultural crops in the world.
  • Life Sciences, medicine and health care — Dutch scientists have made a great contribution to the development of this cycle of the Sciences, to their most famous discoveries and inventions include: red blood cells microscope, ECG, artificial heart and kidney. Today the industry in the Netherlands, successfully operating more than 400 companies. The most successful field of molecular imaging, Biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, regenerative medicine, medical Informatics, medical technology.
  • High technology and science is one of the most international sectors of the economy of the Netherlands, which involved representatives from more than 60 countries. Involves creating high technology, automotive and aerospace industry, micro - and nanoelectronics, medical equipment.
  • Logistics — due to its geographical position Holland called the gateway to Europe. Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the two largest port. The Netherlands is one of Europe's largest multimodal carriers.
  • Water resources — the Dutch are actively working on the shipping and industrial water treatment systems, hydroelectric, using the energy of waves, the device of the coastline, build yachts and specialized vessels.

The Dutch government provides financing and strict control of key industries and to all manufactured, and particularly export, production. Most of the projects in key sectors of the economy of the Netherlands implemented at the intersection of multiple subject areas.

Structure of educational programs of the Dutch research universities and universities of applied Sciences takes this into account and include in the programs of undergraduate and graduate subjects major, main and minor specialization, additional specialization. Knowing not only their narrow area, but also related work at the intersection of disciplines is becoming much easier. For this reason, in the foreground, the ability to work in a team — that students begin to learn from day one in the Dutch universities.

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Predictions for the future

As for the future,based on existing trends of development of the country is projected that the most popular in the Netherlands jobs in the next two decades will be:

  • engineers;
  • experts in the field of Information Communication Technology;
  • employees of creative industry managers, producers;
  • medical personnel, dentists, psychologists.

Highly educated specialists, capable of working in projects at the intersection of different fields of knowledge, to bring new ideas, find solutions, create and innovate in these industries are highly valued today, and the demand for them will only grow in the near future.

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