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A graduate of the University of Reading on masters courses in UK
A graduate of the University of Reading on masters courses in UK
  • 1972

A graduate of the University of Reading on masters courses in UK

Sergey Aliev is a graduate of the University of reading, who graduated from the master's programme MSc Business and Management in Emerging Markets.


After graduating from the University of reading in the last four years I have worked in the financial sector. I started my career at Bloomberg LP, where I worked in sales associated with the Russian market. I recently joined JP Morgan, where I work in the field of banking services for private clients (private banking).

Why did you choose reading University?

The master's program at the University of reading have an excellent reputation. And business school Henley (Henley Business School), where I studied, well known and recognized worldwide. I am particularly interested in the subjects offered to students in the programme: they were unique and directed to the development of practical skills.

What was most valuable during your University studies and your stay in reading?

Friendly and cheerful student atmosphere, and wonderful reading, very pleasant place to visit. Didn't have to go to London to go shopping, to restaurants and enjoy the lively parties! Truly international student environment allowed me to make friends from all over the world.

What would you advise those who are just planning to start studying?

Spend enough time learning about the various programs offered by the University, as well as additional opportunities available to students! Be active and join various student clubs and communities. Make friends and gain experience which will be remembered more than a year!

Remember that studying in the University of reading is not only your assessment, examinations, qualifications and so on. Of course, all this is also important, but the main thing you need to do is to work on your personal strengths and interests. Relying on them, you will build your career, setting short term and long term goals. Don't be afraid, don't hide, communicate, get contacts and believe in yourself!

What do you do now? How did you come by this?

I recently started working in the field of banking services for private clients (private banking), specializing in so-called high net worth individuals (individuals with significant private capital). I have always been drawn to that sphere of banking, and I am proud that now I have become a part of it. Under her previous position at Bloomberg LP I spent quite a lot of time researching the industry and different markets, which in turn allowed me to join the team at JP Morgan private banking.

As the University of reading helped you in building your career?

I had a good General idea about the economy, world politics and Finance, making me an attractive candidate for a variety of potential employers. After postgraduate studies I had a good idea of emerging markets, which has allowed me to continue to work with these markets.

What the University means to you and what is your favorite memory?

For me, reading University is a student community, new friends and pride that I am a holder of a diploma of such prestigious educational institutions. Too many memories come to mind, but my favorite is, perhaps, the acquaintance with a new friend immediately after his arrival in reading, and we continue to be good friends to this day!

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