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Interview with a student at the University of Cardiff (University of Cardiff)
Interview with a student at the University of Cardiff (University of Cardiff)
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Interview with a student at the University of Cardiff (University of Cardiff)

EI: hi, thanks! Tell us a little about yourself. How is it that you were in England?
Hello! I am 19 years old, I was born in Kazakhstan, in Almaty. School ends there. Already a year living and studying in the UK, in Cardiff. Since childhood, love to travel and first visited Europe, decided that he would like to continue my education here.

EI: In what year were you admitted to the University of Cardiff? Was it your first choice University or have applied somewhere else? And why Cardiff? What attracted you to this University?
I came here in 2013. In high school I was sure that I was going to apply to Cardiff University, so the application was filed. Once, as a schoolgirl, I was lucky enough to visit this city and learn about the rich history of the University. I was so impressed, I decided that I wanted to study here. Parents supported me. Cardiff University is one of the best universities in the country and is famous for its high quality of teaching.

EI: you were in Cardiff University? Tell us about your experience.
I went to an ordinary public school, but she, unfortunately, did not meet all of the requirements of foreign universities, so I had to first go International Foundation. This program lasts one academic year and is designed specifically for foreign students. I did not regret that I had to pass, as it not only gave me the opportunity to improve English level, but also prepared for further study at Cardiff University. Unlike many universities in the world International Foundation, Cardiff University allows the student to not only learn the language but also to obtain basic knowledge in the chosen specialty.

EI: if you are Faced with any difficulties when applying for International Foundation as a foreign student?
The special difficulties in entering the University have arisen. I have finished school perfectly well and English pretty well owned. I only had to take the exam, the minimum passing score required for admission to the foundation at Cardiff University – 5.5. In General, the entire process is quite simple and well organized. There is always the possibility to contact representatives of the University and quickly get the answers to all your questions.

EI: does Cardiff University scholarships for international students? Do you know of students that have received scholarships?
Yes, Cardiff University provides full and partial scholarships especially for foreign students. I know a few people who got this opportunity, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners a full scholarship. All details can be found on the official website of the University. The main thing - to apply in advance. In General, to obtain a scholarship to Cardiff University, as a foreign student, it is realistic!

EI: what kind of program you're learning? At what rate? What are your impressions of the program? Do you have a favorite subject, teacher?
I recently finished the Foundation and are going to enroll in the first year, majoring in business management. Foundation programme I was very inspired! I had a clear idea of what I was going to study at the University. We have already studied the basics Sciences such as Economics, statistics, accounting, business and management. Teaching at the University is so interesting and informative that it is difficult to identify your favorite teacher. All the teachers are very organized, attentive and fair. One of my favorite subjects was Business Studies where I learned many new and interesting things about doing business.

EI: Who is learning with you in your program? A lot of foreigners, Russian-speaking students? Were you able to have close friends, and who they are – Russian-speaking foreigners, the British? With whom it is easier to find a common language?
As is the foundation program for foreign students, my classmates are people who came here from different countries of the world. I try to keep up with all the warm and friendly relations. Very interesting to talk to people from other countries, learn their traditions, customs and thereby to expand their horizons. With the British I haven't had to communicate much. However, I'm sure next year I will have even more new interesting friends and acquaintances, including the British.

EI: What do you do in your free time? Do you have a hobby? Are you in any student clubs? Tell us a little about it.
In my spare time I like to walk around the city, meet with friends and talk about everything over a Cup of coffee or picnics in the Park. When is a couple of days off, we travel around the country. The road usually takes a lot of time and at desire it is possible to travel around the UK! I don't belong to any clubs, as I'm just starting to get acquainted with student life. However, I know at Cardiff University great variety of student clubs you can easily join! Next year I plan to join the club of lovers of photography or to start learning a new language.

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EI: Tell us a little bit about Cardiff. What are the pros and cons you see for yourself? Easy to find housing, jobs, convenient transportation, and how rich night life of Cardiff?
Cardiff is a small, developing city, the capital of Wales. Once provincial, is now strongly tending to all the standards of modern cities. This is the so-called "cons" and "pros" of Cardiff, where relaxation and good humor of antiquity combined with the dynamism of today. Cardiff is the ideal place for a student as there is quite a rich nightlife, lots of places to go, and at the same time, the city is not too big to distract from their studies. I have worked on finding part-time work, because at first all their efforts were concentrated on studies. But I know that the University is actively working the Center of employment of students. I plan to look for jobs starting in 2-3 courses.

EI: What are your plans after graduation? Where would you like to live and work in the future: in England, in Kazakhstan or somewhere else? Does the University find a job after graduation, especially for international students?
I think after graduation will return to Kazakhstan. But if I have the opportunity to work in the UK, I will gladly take that chance. If I am correctly informed, the University does not consider its task to help in the employment of foreign students after graduation, although it is possible that you will always notice and will provide talented students.

EI: thanks, thank you very much for this interview! What would you like to say in closing to our readers?
Studying abroad is not only a unique chance to get acquainted with different interesting people, find good friends and to get a quality education, but also the opportunity to learn a lot about himself and open up! Cardiff University provides full freedom in both!

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