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The time and manner of submission of documents to Cambridge for a first degree

Applications in all UK universities accept on the UCAS website (the universities and colleges Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Simultaneously with the Cambridge, You can specify 4 British University besides Oxford. The deadline for submission of UCAS applications and COPA is 15 October the year before the start of classes. At this point You will need to determine the choice of subject and College. The College greatly influences the academic, social and financial life of the students, as well as on chances for admission. However, it is possible to surrender to fate and submit the “open” statement. In this case, You do not choose the College, the College chooses you.

If the application is successful, You will know about it in December of the same year, will be called for interview and inform about the need to pass examinations, if any. The results will be announced in January. If successful You will be offered a place at University, most likely with the following conditions: a certificate of secondary education and knowledge of English language. Classes begin in October.

If at the time of your application You are outside the UK, the selection Committee will likely offer You a phone interview or they will replace it written work.

How long will it take the process of preparation of documents

The review process for applications takes about one year. Accordingly, you should start to prepare for it in advance. If the questionnaire can be filled per hour, the motivational letter should be given at least a month. This is a very important part of Your application – that will allow the admissions Committee to see Your personality. Therefore, does not prevent to consider about what You want to write, and also to consult with friends or professional advisors.

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