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Unique features and old traditions of Oxford and Cambridge

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge so much in common that in the English language, there was even a special word – Oxbridge (Oxbrige = Oxford + Cambridge). These universities not only the highest symbol of prestige and personal success. They are shrouded by the magic of antiquity and tradition.
Indeed, such a number of unique features, peculiarities and rituals will not be offered to a student more than one University in the UK.

One on one training

No University teaches students in one-on-one as it is done at Oxford and Cambridge. Individual consultations with Tutors from Oxford and Cambridge by supervisors is seen in these universities as the most important type of training.

System colleges

Oxford and Cambridge the only UK universities is divided into colleges - for example, the system used in the University of Durham. But they are the only universities in which the training takes place directly in the College. Every College has its own academic staff and, depending on the subject matter, a significant number of classes held in the College.

Dress code

In examinations and other official events in the Oxbridge adopted a kind of corporate dress code. For men it is a suit, white shirt and bow tie, for women - black skirt or trousers with a white blouse.

The graduation ceremony is in Latin

Part of the graduation ceremony, including the announcement of award the graduates the degree is in Latin. This tradition is still alive today, despite the fact that most students do not know and do not use this dead language.

Unexpected questions during the admissions interview

Now many universities interview applicants in person, but none of them managed to acquire this reputation, like Oxford and Cambridge. Admissions to these universities often ask applicants tricky, provocative and confusing questions, for example, the unexpected: "tell me about a banana".

University police

Until 2003, both universities had their own police, responsible for order on the campuses. Now have their own police force remained only in Cambridge.

Rowing competitions

Other universities also organize rowing competitions, but none of them has achieved such a high popularity and prestige. The annual contest between the two universities in the world, attracts thousands of spectators and even broadcast live.

Blue jackets

The right to wear the blue jackets get in Oxbridge students advocating for the University at the highest level in any sport. Other universities also award these awards - for example, light purple blazers in the University of Durham or purple in the University of London. But the fact remains - established tradition in the nineteenth century Oxford and Cambridge.

Unusual sports

Oxford and Cambridge – one of the few UK universities that offer students the possibility of going almost extinct sports, a game developed at the famous school of Eton "five" or rounders.

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