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Admission requirements and conditions admission to Cambridge University on the programs of the first higher education

Minimum scores required for admission to a first degree at Cambridge University, is very high:


Level/ Score


A*AA or above


40-42 points out of 45, 776-777 via the OSN. subjects


D2, or D3 in all subjects


Of 7.0 (minimum of 7.0 in each section)

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English


Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English

A or b

In addition to the estimates is very important as the candidate prove themselves during the interview. Get ready to "contest" issues that will give You the chance to show ingenuity and lateral thinking.

Cambridge and Oxford , the only universities in the UK, where for admission for most majors you need to pass the entrance exams.

An interview or a job interview in Cambridge: whether all are?

Each year the selection Committee of the University of Cambridge conducted interviews with more than 80% of the applicants. Their goal is to identify the ability of candidates, their potential and level of motivation. An important function of interview is the possibility to visualize the application and give the students a chance to Express individuality.

As a rule, the candidate for the programme in Cambridge is invited to two or three interviews on the subject and one more General. It happens that the interview questions are of a provocative or rhetorical in nature, for example: "How many grains of sand in the world?". They are set in order to test the independence of your thinking and how well You can apply knowledge in unfamiliar situations.

Additional examinations

In addition to the interview you may be asked to provide one of school essays or to write the test. It depends on the requirements of your faculty and the College and this will be announced in the invitation to interview.

Here are examples of several examinations:

  • Test for the assessment of thinking skills (Cambridge Thinking Skills Assessment test).
  • Entrance examination in bio-medicine (Bio-Medical Admissions Test , BMAT). You must register for the exam until 1 October, and he will be held in early November.
  • Test law (Cambridge Law Test).

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