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How to increase chances of admission to the master of Cambridge?

There are several ways to make your application for the graduate program at the University of Cambridge to look more competitive.

1. To get a diploma about the first higher education

Concepts about honors English have no, so the main importance will be placed on the average score. Academic achievement is a key factor of success. No diploma with high grades will also be considered by the admission Commission, as an argument in favor of the applicant. However, a diploma with a high GPA does not guarantee admission to the University of Cambridge. A low GPA can be compensated by the presence of prominent figures in other parts of the application.

2. To obtain experience in the relevant subject area

The experience will significantly increase Your chances for admission, and in some cases it is a required or expected component of the profile of the applicant. For example, for admission to the program medicine , or teaching experience of voluntary work in the specialty is considered good form.

Among the simplest ways to gain experience – internships in well-known companies or assisting the teacher in a research project. There are examples of students preparing for admission to leading universities of the world, free trainings, allowing to accumulate the necessary experience to identify specialization and thereby strengthen the application for admission to graduate school.

3. Not academic achievement

It is very important to attract the attention of the examiners by their personal qualities. After reading Your essay and recommendations from a selection Committee should be memorable portrait of a man, which is easy and interesting to work with. If You have any proof of your leadership or team qualities, your autonomy and creativity (Hobbies, awards), it's worth mentioning.

4. Exams GMAT/GRA even if they are not required

Most programs do not require the exams GRE and GMAT, however, if You received the first higher education in little-known University, or GPA of Your degree is not high enough, the demonstration of a high score on tests GMAT or GRA will be able to level the playing field with graduates of highly ranked universities.

5. Advice on compiling a strong application for admission to Cambridge

Most importantly, what are you looking at the members of the selection Committee after Your assessment is a cover letter. Start thinking about it in advance and make sure you use the help of friends, native speakers or professional consultants. If You ask someone to interview You based on sketch writing, it will help You to understand how Your thoughts look from the side and whether they are understood correctly.

All graduate programs of Cambridge require the first higher in the same discipline?

Such graduate programs Cambridge as medicine, law and engineering to accept only graduates of the relevant faculties. Some programs are more open to the admission of graduates of other fields, but in related areas of knowledge. The interdisciplinary program is specially designed in order to unite specialists of different branches. For example, graduate programs environmental policy takes graduates of geographical, physical, sociological and other faculties.

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