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Interview with a student of the University of East Anglia (UEA)

Student at the University of East Anglia (University of East Anglia) from Novosibirsk told us about his vpechatleniyah from school, University and life in the UK

Hi, Alice! Tell us a little about yourself (where are you from, how old you are). How is it that you were in England?

Hi! I am originally from Novosibirsk, where I finished secondary school and entered the University. English language I started learning at a very early age in a language school, where he taught foreigners that are so fascinatingly and colourfully told about the UK what not to love in this country was difficult. In addition, when teaching a foreign language at some point reach the maximum that can be obtained in the home country, and at this point, is to decide on the continuation of studies abroad, which I did.

In what year were you enrolled at the University of East Anglia (UEA)? Was it your first choice University, or you applied somewhere else? Why UEA? What attracted you to this University?

I came in 2008 and is considering several options of universities in different parts of the country. Choosing UEA was rather intuitive, based on the impression of communication with his representatives and friends of students. Also drew a wide range of courses, and reputation of the faculty, so the documents I've already filed for one University only.

As you entered the University? Tell us about your experience.

When applying I used the services of a language school that helps in the admission in foreign universities. It to me has advised my girlfriend who studies in Canada. The application process was quite simple: I collected all the necessary documents (an extract from the University with the estimates, the results IELTS'and letter of motivation), school staff them checked and translated into English, and then sent to the admissions office of the University, after which I was enrolled.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect was the visa. On the website, of course, contain all the necessary information, but the British visa has a reputation as one of the most difficult to obtain. This same school helped me with the preparation of documents for visa. Later, when I had to renew the visa, I did it.

If you are faced with any difficulties when entering University as a foreign student? If so, tell us about it in more detail.

Perhaps the main problem is choosing the right course. Due to the difference in education systems of Russia (and CIS countries) and UK graduates of Russian schools can immediately enroll in the first year of University, and students of the Russian universities may not be transferred in a British University. First need to take a course Foundation or a slightly more complicated two-year programme of A-levels, after which they are first rate British University. Second you need to provide estimates from a Russian University, having studied there for at least 1 year, and then the students enter the first year of British University.>> Program University preparation

I have much difficulty with the receipt arose. Having studied for 2 years in a Russian University, I applied to the University and the British entered the first course. On the one hand, it's a bit sad, because 2 years of training are not counted; on the other hand is a great opportunity to once again become a freshman.

Financial income was slightly more complicated. As an international student, I had to make a Deposit in order to guarantee a place on the course and in the hostel. The procedure of making a Deposit is simple enough, but at this stage you need to be absolutely sure in choosing the University, since the Deposit is not refundable.

Does UEA scholarships for international students? Do you know of students that have received scholarships?

The University provides a number of scholarships, size of which typically varies from 10% to 30% of the cost of training. It is worth noting that the scholarship in a British University is not a monthly payments the student, and the discount on tuition. Thus, a student who received a scholarship, just pay for your course a little less.

All scholarships are easy enough to obtain: you need to provide proof of academic record (school certificate, University certificate with grades for all courses taken) and to write a motivation letter. The form of the latter varies depending on specialty, but his goal is always the same – to present yourself in the best light and convince the University that you are the best candidate for the scholarship.

Students who have received scholarships quite a lot, and I'm one of them. The University has provided me a 50% discount on training in a magistracy. Scholarship British University – is not a myth, it is possible to get. Importantly, as corny as it may sound, believe in yourself.
>> Send a request to the University of East Anglia and get the complete information about scholarships from this University.


What program are you studying? What are your impressions of the program? Do you have a favorite subject, teacher?

I studied on the programmes BSc Business Management and MSc Brand Leadership. Both were very interesting and memorable.

The biggest advantage of undergraduate degree programs was the opportunity to form it on your own. Of course, there are a number of compulsory subjects, depending on year of study and the course they range from 20% to 50% of the total number of subjects. Other items a student chooses. Throughout the program , BSc Business Management, you can, for example, be formed so that most of the items you will Finance and wham. accounting, or marketing.

The mA course was quite specific. First, this is a unique course, developed and taught one of the leading strategists in the field of branding, brand consultant Wolff Olins. Second, most of the program is practice. During the year students undertake a number of projects with real companies for whom they develop a strategy, come up with options to promote your product or service. In fact, the student group functions as a small branding Agency which decides the number of tasks assigned to them by the client. For those who have little experience in the field of advertising, marketing and/or branding, this is a great opportunity to see how this business works from the inside. Those who had been working in this field, can refresh their knowledge and practising the newest models and developments in the field of branding.
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I find it difficult to select a course or teacher that I liked a lot. I had a wonderful Professor of Finance, who was "in love" in your subject, we could talk about the intricacies of the hedge for hours, and thus charmed everyone in the audience. For a year of study at master I met many leading experts in marketing, branding and advertising in the UK. They talked about their latest projects, giving students the opportunity to participate in them. I had amazing classmates, many of whom have become my very good friends. In my case the lack of one of the most favourite subject and the teacher is an indication that all of the items and the teachers were interesting and good in its own way.

Who went with you on your program? A lot of foreigners, Russian-speaking students? Were you able to have close friends, and who they are – Russian-speaking foreigners, the British? With whom it was easiest to find a common language?

Both programs which I studied, was quite international, and it is a great chance to meet with representatives of the different countries. The ratio of foreigners and of the Britons depends on the course. There are a number of specialties are more popular among the British, there are some courses in which the majority of students.

During the years at University I was able to greatly expand the circle of acquaintances. I have made friends from different countries of the world from Britain and continental Europe countries to China, Japan, USA and the Middle East. It was easy enough for me to communicate with everyone, despite certain cultural characteristics. It was interesting to learn traditions of different countries, their etiquette, and apply new knowledge in practice and to see how one small gesture turns you from an absolute stranger to, at least, a good friend just a few minutes.

What were you doing out of study time at the University? Did you in any student clubs? Tell us a little about it.

Most of my free time I spent traveling around the country and Europe in the company of friends. Student clubs I was not particularly interesting, I had enough communication with a large group of friends. Student clubs at the University a lot and each year are new. There are different thematic clubs – lovers of salsa, yoga, football, literature, movies, etc. is Quite popular and "national" clubs, Russian, Indonesian, etc. Each of these clubs during the school year, organizing a number of activities, who are invited as members of the club, as students, are not included in it. All the clubs organize various trips, workshops, parties, concerts, so time to get bored simply remains. As in any other University, UEA has a large number of sports clubs in which participants speak at the event.

Tell us a little bit about the city Norwich (eng. Norwich). What are the pros and cons you see for yourself? Easy to find housing, jobs, convenient transportation, and rich if night life?

Norwich is a fairly small, quiet town, a comfortable life. For some, it may seem too quiet, provincial. Someone, on the contrary, please so unusual cities inhabitants, relaxed lifestyle. Night life in the city takes place in several Nightclubs, bars and countless pubs. The capital's discerning resident a choice may not seem so wide, but if there is a desire to diversify their cultural life, it is always possible to go to London.

Norwich is 2 hours drive from London, so when pastoral landscapes bored, go back to the usual rhythm of life is easy enough – you just need to buy a ticket on the train.

City transport system is well developed, the campus with the city centre connects several bus routes. As I said, the city is connected to London by railway, where you can go anywhere in the UK. The city also has an airport, the number of flights departing from it is quite small, but you can fly, for example, in Amsterdam.

Housing just enough to find, and I suggest to try to live in the Dorm, and rent a room in the house. As a rule, it is cheaper and more interesting. This is an opportunity to live in a real English house with real English neighbors. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity to see the life of the country through the eyes of its resident, not a tourist and student.

A student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours per week, in principle this is enough to find a part-time job. Options earning quite a lot from traditional options work in a bar, cafe or store, and to internships in different companies and work at the University.

Tell us where are you working and in what position? Do you think your education at UEA helped you obtain this job?

Now I work in Moscow office of Saatchi&Saatchi. This is a creative Agency working in advertising. In other words, this is the area that is most interesting for me. Helped me education at UEA? Of course, I gained invaluable experience living and working in another country, it is very empowering. In addition, the English education I have a few see things differently, which is a clear advantage in my work. Maybe I would have gotten this job without the British diploma, but its presence has significantly simplified the task, and the skills acquired in Britain help me in solving many issues.

Alice, thank you so much for this interview! What would you like to say in closing to our readers?

If you have the opportunity to learn abroad ought to use it. It is an exciting adventure, an opportunity to try something new. This is an opportunity to learn about the world and get to know better himself. Choose the country you are interested in and the University which you like the most. Choices are not guided by stereotypes and generally accepted in our country clichés. England is not a prudish country, and getting to know her better you will agree with me. Oxford and Cambridge are top universities, but they are not equally good for all specialties. London is a great city, but not the most convenient for the student, in addition, not all London universities are at a high ranking among universities in the country.

If you have the opportunity to visit the country and University where you would like to learn, definitely take advantage of it: descriptions and photos is not enough, sometimes it is necessary to feel the atmosphere, to understand will fit you something (country, city, University) or not.

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