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Remote graduate programs in top universities in the UK

Distance learning at Cambridge and Oxford

Two leading University in the UK, Oxford and Cambridge, master programs online do not provide. Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that the principle of online learning is at odds with the accepted in these universities autoremoval traditional system of colleges in which the student spends most of training time in person with their tutor and members of your College.

The exception is MSt in International Human Rights Law, a two-year course in international law for the protection of human rights at the University of Oxford, which, however, involves the presence of the student on campus during the summer and is rather a lightweight version of the training on an abbreviated program; the examination of this course shall be in the examination school of the University with the rest of the thread.

Distance learning at the LSE

London school of Economics (LSE) does not provide remote master degree programs.

Distance learning at Imperial College London

Imperial College London in collaboration with SOAS remote offers graduate programs in the following areas:

  1. MSc in Applied Economics and Business, Applied Economics and business, with specializations:
    1. Agricultural Economics, agricultural Economics,
    2. Environmental Economics, Applied Economics and environmental protection,
    3. Environmental Management, Management and protection of the environment,
    4. Managing Rural Development Managing development of agricultural areas.
  2. Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice (combating Poverty: Strategy and Practice)
  3. Sustainable Development (Sustainable economic development),
  4. MBA.

Duration: from 24 to 60 months
Cost: from £10,000.

These programs are designed for independent learning through virtual lectures and network resources of the University, including open access to electronic versions of most academic journals. In addition to communicating with a tutor one-on-one, you will have the opportunity to work in online groups. In this case you use the Internet-conferences, networking forums with the support of a tutor for the subject studied and the overall task.

All work shall be in electronic form. Exams are taken in written form, except for the training time you have to write two project report and master's thesis.

Distance learning at University of Durham

Business school of the University Drama provides a number of programs master's degree programs in business disciplines, as well as distance MBA program.
Duration of program MBA online: from 24 to 60 months
The cost of the program MBA online: £19,000.

The program consists of 14 virtual modules consisting of video and text materials. The University provides open access to all libraries and databases for participants of this course and also conducts group workshops network on a monthly basis.

The program consists of 14 modules and concludes with writing a master's thesis or creating a business project. Main areas:

  • Management in a Global System (global Management system),
  • Management in a Competitive System (Control and competition),
  • Decision Making in Management (decision-Making in management),
  • Financial Management (Management of financial flows),
  • Managing Personnal and Strategic Management (personnel Management, Strategic management) .

Programs online MBA in UK universities

Program online graduate programs in all subjects at the UK universities