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How not to write PhD thesis

In their guide to graduate work on a doctoral thesis Tara Brabazon (Tara Brabazon), Professor of the British University of Brighton, gives 10 tips following which you can avoid key mistakes in writing and be prepared to successfully defend his thesis. Do not:

  1. To submit an incomplete, poorly formatted bibliography;
  2. Use phrases like "some scientists" or "all the literature" without specifying the source of the statements or information;
  3. Write an introduction without the phrase "my contribution to science is ...";
  4. Fill the bibliography with references to blogs, online journalism and online information sources;
  5. To use the words "discourse", "ideology", "ID", "identifiable", "Interpellation", "postmodernism", "structuralism", "post-structuralism" or "deconstructivism", not after reading all of the writings of Foucault,Althusser, Saussure, Baudrillard or Derrida;
  6. Recognize that what You're working on, is new to science, because You don't bother to read everything on this subject, including a book written 20 years ago;
  7. To leave spelling mistakes in the text;
  8. To make the subject of the study too broad;
  9. Write a short, hastily-made base comments;
  10. To submit thesis with a short introduction or conclusion. Based on the Times Higher Education.


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