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The complete guide to postgraduate scholarships for Russians

We suggest to familiarize with the list of the most interesting scholarships for Russians entering graduate programs in UK Universities.

List of master degree scholarships

List of PhD scholarships

On the Russian and international scholarships

It is no secret that the cost of studying in the UK are quite significant. To them must be added the cost of accommodation, training materials, paperwork, moving and free money for current needs. In the framework of various domestic and international government programs, charities and private companies around the world offer scholarships to people who want to study abroad.

Search Finance in Russia

International scholarship

About master's and PhD scholarships UK

Although UK universities receive significant state funding, tuition has always been paid. In order to expand access to higher education has many schemes scholarship payments. However, a unified system, similar to Russian, does not exist. Therefore search of sources of financing of education always remains a challenge for the student.

In General, the number of scholarships for PhD (i.e., PhD) programs exceeds the number of master's degree, so competition for master's scholarships are often higher.

General requirements for scholarship winners

What expenses are covered by scholarship payments

Terms of use of the scholarship funds

Who is funding postgraduate scholarships in the UK

Hundreds of UK organizations award scholarships to students of postgraduate programs. Somehow compensating for imposing the cost of tuition and accommodation, they help to attract in science, business, industry and culture of the country people able to become part of the world's intellectual elite.

Most often scholarship schemes funded by several partners. Successful candidates receive additional benefits. These include additional academic support, expanded training facility, practice or temporary jobs in the leading companies, useful contacts.

Scholarships of universities and other research organizations

Scholarship foundations

Scholarships industrial and commercial structures

Scholarships Research Councils

Sources of information about postgraduate scholarships

A single, fast-changing source of information about all open at this point in time scholarship programs does not exist. To find a scholarship, you may have recourse to different sources. Obtaining financing depends not only on the merit of the student, the ability to properly present themselves and their work, but also from the ingenuity in the search for information.

Sources of information on scholarships

Printed publications devoted to the fellowship

Database of scholarships

Where to get advice on education financing

British scholarship: a Glossary

In the UK there are many types of scholarship payments. Sometimes these payments constitute a single scholarship, in other cases they are provided separately. In the search for scholarships you may encounter with the following names

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Reminder to scholarship applicants

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